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Mr High Street #Graham

Season 2, Ep. 3

Troops, this week we chat to Mr High Street, Graham who helps shops and the High street get more foot fall.

We chat Social Media, a Good Window, Grahams Top High Streets.

With the Epic Five Whats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find Graham @cannyinsights on Instagram

Easy next week with some one else!!!!!!!

Enjoy the show!

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  • 2. Martin 50 Cal Stapleton

    Troops we can fight fire with fire and starting off with a mega tasty bloke, 50 Cal Stapes. .We chatted about the Royal Marines, training, MMA, BBJ, Social Media, and 50 Cal does not play the Lottery. He is a long game type of bloke..Discussing what it takes to be tasty in the world! .Find him here
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    Troops, talk about going big! Check this guy out. Stu started a new MMA promotion and has a huge plan to get into the world of MMA and nothing is stopping him. .The World Tour will be on in 2021 all being well and it is going to be mega..You can find Vigilance @
  • 17. Sarahhall

    Troops, this week we chatted to the epic Sarah Hall. Motorsports is in her blood.We chatted all things fast cars and how she got into Motorsports and stunts cars.We talked about how social media has helped people get to know the teams better and going on a sky one show called Carnage which was a little tasty to say the least.With the 5 whats!!!!!!!Thank you to Sarah. You can find her online at and Instagram @sarahhallmotorsport.Enjoy the Show.
  • 16. Buzz Drones

    Troops, I sat with the best looking bloke in the Drones industry, Toby from Buzz Drones. We chatted all thing drones, how he got into it and why he loves it so much.Toby is working on pushing the Buzz drones brand higher with Apparel wear and patches as well as his own Coffee blend.Buzz Drones is a part of the veteran owned and FLYS the flags in the UK.We also chatted about kit and the cost of his kit.With the Epic 5 whats!!!!!!!!Find Buzz Drones on Instagram.Enjoy the show.
  • 15. Jen George

    Troops, this week we sat down with Jen George. She has a huge passion for the great outdoors and is a Mountain Leader.We chatted about Mountain Leader days and having great solo adventures as well as finding great local spots during Covid19 in her hometown.Jen works with the Yes tribe - a great outfit that help people grow, get outdoors more and say YES!!!!!!Thanks to Jen for her time. You can find her at Jen_george_adventures on Instagram.With the FIVE Whats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enjoy the show.
  • 14. Katy Parrott

    Troops, this week on the podcast we chatted with the EPIC Katy Parrott aka KP aka Lady Ploddington from Ploddingshire. This was one of them chats.KP takes names and numbers on big events and has an unreal mindset. She has taken life by the scruff of the neck and is ready for the next TEST.We chatted mindset, pain, and just bloody get your shoes on and GO.KP smashed a SAS style show and smiled all the way around it.Thanks KATY you smashed it.Enjoy the Show.
  • 13. Its Pat Clark

    Troops, I saw PAT on the Tea with Gary Vee show, loved his Passion and how he came across so I had to get him on the show.Pat is the Comic Book Kiddie and has a great YouTube channel all about his passion!!!!!!We chatted Gary Vee, Comic Hero, Dc, Marvel and who is GOAT in the comic book world.With The Epic 5 Whats!!!!!!!!!Find Pat at Youtube the Show.
  • 12. Angela Pendlebury

    Troops, this week we sat down the ACE Angela Pendlebury. She is a powerhouse on Linkedin and has a cracking business in the world of insurance on a fitness front.Angela is one those people you need to know, listen to and understand her mindset. She is Boots On, Bag On, Crack On.We chatted the Lakes Monster NHS event that we are doing at the back end of Summer 2020.Thank you to Angela. You can find her on Linkedin, she is MEGA.Enjoy the show.
  • 11. Billy Garton Jr

    Troops, we sat down with Tik Tok powerhouse Billy Garton Jr. This bloke is on a mission to give you the keys to the kingdom.Billy talks about the long game and what it takes to win on Social Media, how to work with influencers and how to choose them.We also chatted about his cold water challenge and his long term mission.Find Billy On below.Billy Garton Jr(@billygartonjr) | › @billygartonjrThank you and enjoy the show.