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#Stroke Prevention

Season 8, Ep. 2
Suffering a #stroke is a devastating medical complication. In this #podcast, we go over the various symptoms of stroke, the need to act quickly and initiate emergency medical services, and the risk factors of stroke. The hope is that after listening to this segment, you can make the necessary changes to reduce your risk of developing stroke.
The risk factors for stroke include the following:·      a prior transient ischemic attack·      high blood pressure·      diabetes·      obesity·      smoking

The symptoms of a stroke may include:·      headache·      blurred vision·      unsteady gait·      slurred speech·      arm or leg weakness·      confusion
Individuals that are experiencing these symptoms need to follow the acronym FAST which stands for: Facial weakness - Arm weakness – Speech difficulty – Time (call 911 immediately).
Following these general guidelines will ensure the greatest chance of survival and limited brain damage. delay in accessing the emergency medical system is associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Information from the CDC on stroke is available here.

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