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Ready for Emergency Surgery?

Season 8, Ep. 1
Happy 2023! For this podcast episode, I want to share with you an unexpected medical emergency I faced right before Christmas, which warranted emergent surgery. All turned out well, and on the grand scheme of things it brought to light an important health and wellness concept I want to share with you all.

Getting perfectly honest with yourself, are you, right now, prepare to undergo any kind of emergency surgery, emergency procedure, or face an unexpected health crisis? It's very well known that if you are not in optimal medical health, any type of minor emergency that you face is going to be associated with unwanted complications. Those individuals that have chronic medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, liver disease, and kidney disease are going to fare far worse than those without these chronic conditions. So with that said, what are you doing to prepare yourself for these possible scenarios? The vast majority of chronic illnesses can be medically managed (or better yet prevented) reducing the risk of these medical/surgical complications. 

With the New Year starting, this would be a great objective for all of us. Take inventory, see what health and wellness issues need to be addressed, and get it taken care of.

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