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Jackie DeAngelis: Her Breast Cancer Journey

Season 6, Ep. 5
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  • This week we feature an interview with Jackie DeAngelis, financial correspondent with Fox Business Network. Jackie spoke with Dr. Galati and shared her recent diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The interview originally aired on SiriusXM, channel 129, The Catholic Channel. The statistics on breast cancer and additional information is available here.

  • Dr. Galati also shared his own personal experience with breast cancer in him mother, who was a two-time breast cancer survivor.

  • Can your diet prevent dementia? An article from the NYT outlines a dietary plan to reduce the chance of age-related cognitive decline. Hint: lots of fresh fruits and veggies are the foundation of this plan, and make sure you follow the Mediterranean and MIND diets. Listen for more details.

  • We also share with you a new phrase to consider: "Making Visible the Invisible". Dr. Galati recently spoke in Las Vegas and shared this concept. All too often both patients and physicians are blind to medical problems that are seen in open sight. Seeing problems early is life saving.

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