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Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas

Season 5, Ep. 13

Gift Giving Ideas!

This time of the year, we enjoy talking about holiday gift giving, and we try to share some ideas with our listeners regarding gifts that may support health and wellness. Different categories of gifts include those related to the kitchen and cooking, which hopefully will encourage the gift receiver to get a bit more creative in the kitchen and prepare more home cooked meals. As we've spoken about before, nothing is going to beat a home cooked meal with regard to nutrition and it's supporting wellness.

Other gift categories include those related to exercise and fitness, be it the various forms of apparel that we wear to have a more comfortable workout, or some of the new wearable technology to give feedback on how you are performing.

Regardless of the cost or category of gift, all I ask is that you think about sharing gifts that will be fun, but also promote some aspect of wellness for the end user of the gift.

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