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Season 2, Ep. 3

This episode of the Dr. Joe Galati Podcast spins a new light on the information we always try to share with our followers. For this program, I am being interviewed by my dear friend, Chuck Garcia. Chuck and I met in 1978, while students at Syracuse University. I followed a path to medicine, while Chuck followed a path the the business world and Wall Street.

Over the past several years, Chuck has shed his business suit to become a college professor, global speaker, and coach. He recently started a weekly radio program on 77WABC in NYC, and talks about the personal transformation people go through. I was honored to have been asked by Chuck to be interviewed a few weeks ago, and I am delighted to share this interview with all of my followers.

To learn more about Chuck Garcia, and all of the services he offers, head to his website.

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Season 3, Ep. 6
Fatty Liver Disease, also known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or #NASH, is a leading cause of chronic liver disease, #cirrhosis, and liver cancer in the United States. Fatty liver develops in individuals who have a condition called "metabolic syndrome". Metabolic syndrome includes truncal obesity (belly fat), type-2 diabetes, hypertension, and elevated cholesterol or triglycerides. Fatty liver disease is a leading cause of liver failure that requires liver transplantation. The global obesity epidemic that we are facing is the single most important driving force behind the cases of fatty liver disease we see. An astounding 100 million people have fatty liver disease in the US. If left unaddressed, fatty liver disease has the potential to cause significant disability and mortality. It’s been shown that individuals with fatty liver disease have an increased "all cause mortality", which in simple terms meaning you’re going to die earlier. Another tragic part of the fatty liver disease story is that our children are being affected by this, and are developing chronic liver disease, diabetes, and heart disease decades earlier. In my opinion, this is our number one public health threat, and unfortunately many in the medical community and politics have simply ignored it. In this podcast, you’ll hear from Dr. Eric Lawitz, a liver expert and renowned researcher in the area fatty liver disease. Helen Yuan, RD will be joining us discussing the nutritional strategies to begin turning the tide on this devastating disease.Websites to remember:Medical Practice:Liver Specialists of TexasBook Site:Eating Yourself SickFacebook:Dr. Joe GalatiDr. Galati's YouTube: YouTube ChannelPlease send feedback and suggestion.You can message me here.Make sure you subscribe to all of the podcast episodes, rate them, send us feedback, and share them with your community.Available on:SPOTIFYTUNEINAPPLE PODCASTPOCKET CASTSOVERCASTACASTIHEART RADIO PODCASTGOOGLE PODCASTSTITCHERYOUTUBE#fattyliver #nonalcoholicfattyliver #livertransplant #livercancer #type2diabetes #obesity #childhoodobesity #hepatitis #liverspecialist #clinicalresearch