The Dr. Joe Galati Podcast


Personal Transformation

Season 2, Ep. 3

This episode of the Dr. Joe Galati Podcast spins a new light on the information we always try to share with our followers. For this program, I am being interviewed by my dear friend, Chuck Garcia. Chuck and I met in 1978, while students at Syracuse University. I followed a path to medicine, while Chuck followed a path the the business world and Wall Street.

Over the past several years, Chuck has shed his business suit to become a college professor, global speaker, and coach. He recently started a weekly radio program on 77WABC in NYC, and talks about the personal transformation people go through. I was honored to have been asked by Chuck to be interviewed a few weeks ago, and I am delighted to share this interview with all of my followers.

To learn more about Chuck Garcia, and all of the services he offers, head to his website.

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