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The Double Cleanse

Questionable Content Creator Quirks

Season 4, Ep. 4

This week we are talking about the little odd things we see influencers & content creators do!

What's the funniest content creator quirk you've seen? @thedoublecleansepodcast

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  • 10. Q&A

    We love answering your beauty questions on our twin channel and we can never get to them all so here are more!@thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 9. Pay A Pro Or Do At Home

    This week we're wondering what in the world of beauty is best left to the pros and what can be done yourself!@thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 8. Rebranding Boring Brands

    This week we are looking at the brands we think need a bit of a makeover and how we would go about it in the boardroom!@thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 7. We Didn't Write This Episode

    This week we used ChatGPT to write our epsiode for us based on it's knowledge of our podcast and some extra information Marcus fed in!@thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 6. Sicky Day Essentials

    This week we run (like noses run that's a funny joke) through all the essentials you need on one of those sicky days!What are your sicky day essentials? @thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 5. Most Popular Brands Picked Apart

    This week we are picking apart the most popular beauty brands of 2022! What are your nitpicks?@thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 3. Oral Hygiene Huns

    'Look after your teeths' says James as we explore the world of oral hygiene!How do you keep your teeth clean? Join the convo @thedoublecleansepodcast
  • 2. The Worst Fragrance Review Ever

    This week we have decided to talk fragrance and we did it so well we think we will end up being fragrance specialists after this!What's your scent? @thedoublecleansepodcast