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The Real Reasons We Have Trouble Sleeping with Dr. Todd LePine

Functional Medicine is all about looking at the way our systems function together, rather than focusing on one part of the body at a time. The steps you take to support whole-body health work in the same way. Diet, exercise, stress reduction—they simultaneously affect more than just one aspect of your health—and new research has revealed that choices around these things can have major impacts on our sleep, and how that cycles back to support overall optimal health.

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Todd LePine to discuss why so many of us experience issues related to our sleep and what we can do about it.

Dr. LePine graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, specializing in Integrative Functional Medicine. He is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. Prior to joining The UltraWellness Center, he worked as a physician at Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, for 10 years. Dr. LePine’s focus at The UltraWellness Center is to help his patients achieve optimal health and vitality by restoring the natural balance to both the mind and the body. His areas of interest include optimal aging, bio-detoxification, functional gastrointestinal health, systemic inflammation, autoimmune disorders and the neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders. Dr. LePine teaches around the world, and has given lectures to doctors and patients at American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), the University of Miami Integrative Medicine Conference, The Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, and is on the faculty for American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Dr. LePine is the head of the Scientific Advisory Board for Designs for Health and a consultant for Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory. He enjoys skiing, kayaking, hiking, camping and golfing in the beautiful Berkshires, and is a fitness enthusiast.

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In this episode, Dr. Hyman and Dr. LePine discuss:

  • The value in asking if you are waking up refreshed

  • How artificial light at night disrupts hormones and sleep

  • The importance of getting exposure to natural light in the morning

  • How side effects from medication, caffeine, alcohol, eating late at night, and environmental toxins can all affect sleep

  • Sleep hygiene routines

  • The link between temperature and sleep

  • Consequences of chronic sleep deprivation

  • Sleep and the immune system

  • EMFs (or electric and magnetic fields) and their effects on our physiology 

  • Additional treatments for sleep issues

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