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Regenerative Medicine: Healing Chronic Pain and Addressing COVID-19 with Dr. Matt Cook

Regenerative Medicine: Healing Chronic Pain and Addressing COVID-19 | This episode is brought to you by Tushy, Farmacy, and Thrive Market

When it came to the chronic pain I had from an old surgery for a ruptured disk, I needed help finding the right fix so I could finally move on, pain-free. I found a doctor who combines the systems-based approach of Functional Medicine along with the most cutting-edge practices of Regenerative Medicine for maximum effect. Dr. Matthew Cook is my guest on today’s podcast and the one who was able to finally fix my back pain. And it just so happens that many of the modalities he’s found useful for treating chronic inflammation and pain are also showing major promise in the treatment of COVID-19.

Dr. Matthew Cook is a board-certified anesthesiologist who has completed a fellowship in Functional Medicine. His practice, BioReset™ Medical, provides treatments for conditions ranging from pain and complex illness to anti-aging and wellness. His approach is to use the most non-invasive, natural, and integrative ways possible.  Regarding the current pandemic, Dr. Cook has spent the past several months distilling the latest research, talking with experts around the world, and integrating his vast clinical experience to provide up-to-date information to the public and medical practitioners. Today he shares that in-depth research with us and provides hope for treating COVID and its lingering effects, which we now refer to as post-COVID syndrome

This episode is brought to you by Tushy, Farmacy, and Thrive Market.

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Here are more of the details from our interview (video / audio): 

  • Dr. Cook’s transition away from traditional medicine (1:35 / 4:23)

  • What is Regenerative Medicine? (3:44 / 6:32)

  • My personal experience with chronic back pain and how Dr. Cook treated me (6:26 / 9:14)

  • Why it’s important to treat the whole body when attending to musculoskeletal and joint issues (14:44 / 17:32)

  • Dr. Cook’s experience treating patients with and recovering from COVID-19 (22:16 / 25:32)

  • Supplementing with vitamin C, glutathione, quercetin, and vitamin D for COVID-19 (26:08 / 29:24)

  • Nebulizing protocols for COVID-19 (27:35 / 30:52)

  • Ozone therapy for COVID-19 (30:38 / 33:55)

  • Peptide therapy for COVID-19 (33:24 / 36:41)

  • Post-COVID syndrome and long haulers (37:47 / 41:04)

Learn more about Dr. Matt Cook and his practice at

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