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Is Alzheimer’s Preventable? The Power Of A Personalized Medicine Approach with Dr. Richard Isaacson

Ep. 448

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There are so many simple steps we can take every single day to strengthen our brains and reduce the risk for Alzheimer’s. Considering that this disease starts in the brain 20 to 30 years before the first signs of memory loss, we should all be thinking about prevention. Today, I’m so excited to welcome Dr. Richard Isaacson to talk about taking care of the brain in a whole new way. 


Dr. Richard Isaacson serves as Director of the Center for Brain Health and Director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic (APC) at Florida Atlantic University’s Schmidt College of Medicine. He previously served as Director of the APC at the Weill Cornell Memory Disorders Program, Assistant Dean of Faculty Development, and Associate Professor of Neurology at Weill Cornell Medicine & NewYork-Presbyterian. He remains as Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology in the Department of Neurology at Weill Cornell.

This episode is brought to you by Essentia, BiOptimizers, and Joovv.

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Here are more of the details from our interview (audio version / Apple Subscriber version): 

  • What you can do today to prevent Alzheimer’s disease (8:40 / 4:02)
  • Using food as medicine to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease (12:17 / 8:13)
  • ABCs of Alzheimer's prevention management (17:47 / 14:15) 
  • Tracking your sleep, exercise, blood sugar, and more for brain health (22:48 / 19:12)
  • Eating and fasting for cognitive health (25:02 / 21:32)
  • Approaching Alzheimer’s as a systemic disease that affects the brain, not a brain disease (34:13 / 28:52) 
  • Challenges to applying preventative Alzheimer’s research in patient care (43:08 / 39:09)
  • Is Alzheimer’s reversible? (51:32 / 46:06) 
  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, belly fat, and Alzheimer’s disease (58:33 / 53:10) 
  • Hopeful Alzheimer’s patient cases (1:12:05 / 1:04:40) 

Support Dr. Isaacson’s Alzheimer's prevention work at Get access to his free Brain Health Course at and learn more at

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