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How To Treat The Root Cause Of Thyroid Problems

Ep. 603

This episode is sponsored by Paleovalley and Pendulum.

Thyroid disease affects one in five women and one in ten men, yet 50 percent of people with thyroid disease go undiagnosed. The main role of thyroid hormone is to stimulate metabolism, and it affects almost every function of the body. That’s why thyroid imbalance can cause so many different symptoms.

In today’s episode of a new series called Health Bites, I discuss thyroid disease and why an out-of-whack thyroid can stall your metabolism and create many other problems. I also share why using a whole-foods diet, nutritional supplements, and optimizing thyroid hormone replacement is critical for addressing thyroid disorders. 

This episode is sponsored by Paleovalley and Pendulum.

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Here are more details from the episode (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):

  • What is the thyroid gland and how does it function? (4:38 / 1:42) 
  • Symptoms of hypothyroidism (7:05 / 4:11) 
  • Diagnostic testing to assess thyroid function (8:42 / 4:54) 
  • What causes thyroid problems? (10:22 / 7:30) 
  • My approach to healing hypothyroidism (14:58 / 10:20) 
  • Thyroid-supporting foods and foods to avoid (15:15 / 12:20) 
  • Supplements that support your thyroid (17:00 / 14:04) 
  • Thyroid hormone replacement (17:46 / 14:50) 

If you suspect you have hypothyroidism, 

  • take a thorough inventory of any of the symptoms mentioned in the podcast to see if you might be suffering from hypothyroidism.
  • get a full-spectrum thyroid test that includes TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO, and antithyroglobulin antibodies.
  • check for celiac disease with a celiac panel.
  • consider heavy metal toxicity testing.
  • check your vitamin D level.

Mentioned in this episode

Self-Assessment Tool within The UltraThyroid Solution Workbook (Download here)

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