The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.


Corruption In The Food Industry And The Challenge With Our Dietary Guidelines

Imagine if there was a virus that killed 11 million people a year. There would be a global effort to eradicate it. Yet, this is what bad food is doing to us, and no one is sounding the alarm.

In this mini-episode of The Doctor's Farmacy, Dr. Hyman explains how corruption in the food industry and our dietary guidelines contributed to our current mess and what we can do about it.

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5 Steps To Reduce Brain Inflammation Today

Ep. 457
This episode is sponsored by Rupa Health and Athletic Greens.While inflammation is a natural part of life that can serve a beneficial role, we start to see disease when inflammatory pathways are constantly activated. That’s why many brain symptoms—like brain fog, anxiety, memory loss, and more—can actually be caused by systemic inflammation. The foods we eat, the toxins we’re exposed to, our stress levels, and our genetics are just some of the many aspects that can impact the body—and the brain’s—propensity towards inflammation.In this episode, I discuss inflammation in the brain with Dr. Todd LePine. We dive into the many factors that can drive neuroinflammation, the range of conditions that are linked to brain inflammation, and how we work with patients to cool this inflammation. I also talk with Max Lugavere about how nutritional deficiencies affect the brain.Dr. Todd LePine graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, specializing in Integrative Functional Medicine, and is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. He has been practicing Functional Medicine for over 15 years focusing on Optimal Aging, Bio-Detoxification, Gastrointestinal Health, Systemic Inflammation, Autoimmune disorders and the Neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders.Max Lugavere is a filmmaker, health, and science journalist and the author of the New York Times bestselling book Genius Foods: Become Smarter, Happier, and More Productive While Protecting Your Brain for Life. He is also the host of the #1 iTunes health podcast The Genius Life. Max’s sophomore book is The Genius Life: Heal Your Mind, Strengthen Your Body, and Become Extraordinary, a lifestyle guide to living happily and healthily with proven, research-based lifestyle tactics, which we dig into more throughout this episode.This episode is brought to you by Rupa Health and Athletic Greens.Rupa Health is a place for Functional Medicine practitioners to access more than 2,000 specialty lab tests from over 20 labs like DUTCH, Vibrant America, Genova, Great Plains, and more. Check out a free live demo with a Q&A or create an account here.Athletic Greens is offering my listeners 10 free travel packs of AG1 when you make your first purchase here.

What’s The Beef With Beef? Is There Meat That Is Good For You And The Planet? with Scott Lively

Ep. 456
This episode is brought to you by Joovv, BiOptimizers, and Cozy Earth.Meat is always a hot topic in the nutrition and wellness space. To eat it, or not to eat it? That is the oversimplified question of what is a much more complex topic. You see, we can’t lump all meat into one category. And we can’t think about meat as all or nothing—there’s much more to the story. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, Scott Lively and I talk all about conscious meat-eating, and more specifically beef, as well as the nuances that come with it. Scott shares some helpful tips for improving the quality of the meat you eat.Scott Lively is the co-founder of Raise American, which provides 100 percent grass-fed, organic, American, planet-friendly beef. He is an organic food entrepreneur and an absolute beef freak. Scott left a successful career in the IT industry to co-found what is now the largest organic beef company in the United States. Today, he oversees a broad portfolio of companies, private labels, and brands. Scott is an advocate of local economic development and regenerative farming practices applied to large agriculture. He is the author of For The Love of Beef: the Good, the Bad and the Future of America’s Favorite Meat.This episode is brought to you by Joovv, BiOptimizers, and Cozy Earth.For a limited time, Joovv is offering $50 off your first order with the code FARMACY at Some exclusions apply.Try BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough for 10% off by going to and using the code HYMAN10.Right now, you can try out Cozy Earth’s bamboo pajamas and loungewear for 40% off—their highest discount ever offered. Just go to and use the code HYMANPODCAST.Here are more of the details from our interview (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):How “Big Beef” gained its negative reputation (5:46 / 1:38)Issues and challenges with the current beef industry (10:43 / 6:39)Consumer driven change in the beef industry (12:13 / 8:40)Health attributes of grass-fed beef (14:21 / 10:34)Meat consumption and planetary health (21:09 / 17:22)Improving beef quality and agricultural practices through academic and governmental programming (29:36 / 25:12)Are lab-based meat alternatives good for us? (34:39 / 30:42)Tips to determine meat quality (43:31 / 37:47)Scott’s journey into the beef industry (48:15 / 42:31)The difference between organic and grass-fed beef (52:13 / 46:27)Is regenerative agriculture scalable? (55:01 / 49:16)Get a copy of Scott’s book, For The Love of Beef: the Good, the Bad and the Future of America’s Favorite Meat here more about The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) here.