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7 Signs You Need A Health Makeover

Ep. 446

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So many of us are just managing to get by day-to-day. Maybe you’re super sluggish, your digestion is off, you can’t think clearly, you have brain fog, or just feel run down. Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet solution. There is, however, a systems-based approach—a way to tackle the multiple root factors that contribute to feeling this way. 


In this episode, my guests and I dive into this topic and explain the importance of what you put at the end of your fork, improving your sleep, how the gut can affect your health, and so much more. 

Lewis Howes is a New York Times Bestselling author of the hit book, The School of Greatness. He is a lifestyle entrepreneur, high-performance business coach, and keynote speaker. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, he is a current USA Men’s National Handball Team athlete. 

Shawn Stevenson is the author of the international bestselling book Sleep Smarter and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the number #1 health podcast in the U.S. with millions of listener downloads each year. Shawn has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, ESPN, and many other major media outlets. 

Dr. Jay Lombard is an internationally acclaimed neurologist, author, and keynote speaker specializing in neuroimmunological conditions and medical mysteries. He was Chief of Neurology at both Westchester Square Medical Center and Bronx Lebanon Hospital and clinical assistant professor at New York Presbyterian Hospital and Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has a bachelor’s degree from MIT in Biology with a minor in Food and Nutrition Science, and a master’s degree, an engineer’s degree, and a PhD degree, all from MIT, in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is the author of a new book on glyphosate titled Toxic Legacy: How the Weedkiller Glyphosate is Destroying Our Health and the Environment.

Dr. Elizabeth Boham is a physician and nutritionist who practices Functional Medicine at The UltraWellness Center in Lenox, MA. Dr. Boham has contributed to many articles and wrote the latest chapter on Obesity for the Rankel Textbook of Family Medicine. She is part of the faculty of the Institute for Functional Medicine and has been featured in a variety of publications and media. 

Dr. Cindy Geyer received her bachelor of science and her doctor of medicine degrees, with honors, from the Ohio State University. She completed residency in internal medicine at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, N.Y. and is triple board certified in internal medicine, integrative medicine and lifestyle medicine.

This episode is sponsored by Rupa Health and InsideTracker.

Rupa Health is a place for Functional Medicine practitioners to access more than 2,000 specialty lab tests from over 20 labs like DUTCH, Vibrant America, Genova, Great Plains, and more. Check out a free live demo with a Q&A or create an account here


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