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A closer look at Kubernetes

Season 1, Ep. 2

In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we talk about Kubernetes and Drupal. Frederik, our enterprise architect, answers questions about Kubernetes and its connection to Drupal. You'll learn how to scale up and down and how you set up Kubernetes for your Drupal. Frederik gives advise on this subject, practical tips for interacting with the infrastructure, and insight into how the infrastructure and development team work. You'll be learning a lot about Kubernetes: what's too much, the sovereignty and how to manage it.

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  • 8. When Drupal meets AI: the future of personalized experiences

    In today's fast-changing digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) are changing how businesses talk to their customers. In this episode of the Digital Experience Podcast, Dominique De Cooman and Frederik Wouters, Senior Enterprise Architect at Dropsolid, talk about how AI is being to enhance the best digital experiences. Their conversation covers content management, marketing automation, and how personalization is key to improving customer experiences.During their talk, Frederik shares how AI is making big changes in content management, including creating media and text and making it easier to communicate in many languages. They focus on the strong connection between Drupal and AI, especially with open-source data, showing the possibility for fast AI growth and use.This episode shows how AI in digital platforms is not just about doing tasks automatically, but about making digital experiences more personal, efficient, and engaging. We’ll look at how AI is being used in DXP, the challenges of adding it to systems, and the big effect it has on the digital plans of businesses and organizations worldwide.
  • 7. Mautic 5

    This podcast episode with Mike Van Hemelrijk and Dominique De Cooman discusses Mautic 5, an open-source marketing automation solution. Mautic is highlighted as unique due to its open-source nature, which means users have ownership and customization capabilities. Success stories are shared, such as an organization improving personalized newsletters and an international tourism agency efficiently serving multiple offices with personalized marketing.The podcast also explores how Mautic can facilitate the transition from a Content Management System (CMS) to a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) by enabling personalization and ensuring data privacy. The importance of locally managing data, especially when combining it with proprietary information, is highlighted.
  • 6. Digital Accessibility

    Dominique De Coomand and Rembrand Le Compte delve into the connection between accessibility and digital experiences, emphasizing the need to include as many people as possible and considering a broad spectrum of disabilities and circumstances.The discussion covers the evolution of web development and accessibility over the past years, the growing online population, and the increasing need for accessible websites. There's a special focus on how technologies like Drupal have enabled the creation of accessible web experiences and the economic incentives for businesses to prioritize accessibility. The podcast highlights how assistive technologies, including AI and digital experience platforms (DXP), can further enhance accessibility, ultimately benefiting everyone in society.
  • 5. Building communities with Drupal

    In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we discuss how to build communities with Drupal. How to use Mautic for marketing automation and Unomi for personalization to give your community the best digital experience possible. Follow us on:Facebook: Instagram: #TechTalk #MarketingInsights#TechnicalDebt#Drupal #OpenSource#DXP
  • 4. Understanding Technical Debt in the Drupal ecosystem

    In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we discuss technical debt and Drupal. Dieter Blomme, our technical coach, explains what technical debt is and how it is connected to Drupal. After listening, you know how to manage your code and how to better at managing your technical debt. You will even know how to clean technical debt and what the dangers of not managing technical debt are. We’re comparing Drupal against other CMSs, so that you have a better insight.
  • 3. Presales Success: Strategies and Methodologies for Drupal Projects

    In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we talk about presales and Drupal. Our solution architect Wesley De Vrient talks about presales and its relation to Drupal. He explains valuable methodologies to use for your presales projects, you learn about the tools a presales engineer uses, you receive focus points, and get insights about managing tension between the market and the internal company. Your target audience is of utmost importance, that’s why Wesley explains how we choose our customers and what our exact criteria are.
  • 1. Unleashing the power of headless Drupal

    In this episode of The Digital Experience Podcast by Dropsolid, we talk about headless Drupal. We'll give you context on how headless is incorporated into Drupal and why Drupal as a headless CMS is more than just a content store. Niels, our leading solution architect, explains what a React or Vue front end does in front of your Drupal, and gives you the difficulties that lie within, and we cover the topic of Next.js. You’ll learn about Drupal: how to set up your Drupal site, what Drupal core is, and what the future looks like for headless Drupal.