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How to Leverage the One Microsoft Cloud for D365

Season 4, Ep. 11

The focus of the Digestible Dynamics Podcast is to highlight the business value Dynamics 365 customers can realize through their investment into the Dynamics platform. However, we cannot discuss the value of the Dynamics 365 platform without talking about the One Microsoft Cloud, which encompasses Microsoft technology like Azure, Microsoft 365, Git Hub, Power Platform and Dynamics 365. The importance of the One Microsoft Cloud cannot be understated, which is why this week's guest, Bart Sneary, Principal Microsoft Technology Center Technical Architect and D365 expert is going to break down what the One Microsoft Cloud is and how it is valuable for Dynamics customers.


Episode Topics:
  • What is the Microsoft Cloud?
  • Where do D365 and Power Platform fit within the Microsoft Cloud?
  • Why should D365 and Power Platform customers care about the entire Microsoft Cloud?


Useful Resources: About Bart Sneary

Bart Sneary is a dynamic and creative problem solver with decades of experience. He has the ambition to make any organization more efficient and effective. His experience is centered in the technology sector, particularly CRM solutions, but thrives on learning daily. He prides himself on being a clear communicator who works well in a team environment. Bart is currently a Principal Microsoft Technology Center Technical Architect that focuses on helping customers learn about the various ways they can leverage the Dynamics 365 technology and Power Platform.


Connect with Bart here - Bart Sneary | LinkedIn


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  • 11. From Lead to Signature with D365 and Docusign

    Out of the box, Dynamics 365 can help organizations of various sizes across different industries solve business problems with technology. Whether that's improving seller efficiency and pipeline accuracy, or boosting CSAT by solving your customer service problems more quickly, or it's ensuring your field agents are better equipped to complete their work orders with a true customer 360 view, Dynamics 365 can help. Another powerful aspect of the platform is its ability to integrate with Partner solutions that help augment dynamics 365 processes and workflows. For example, you can integrate Docusign with your existing D365 ecosystem to ensure more intelligent and automated document management In this episode, we interview Suresh Jeevanani, senior director of Strategic Partnerships at Docusign to highlight the value of the D365 and Docusign integration and how organizations can use it today.Episode Topics:What do you do at Docusign do?What is the value of a Docusign and D365 integration?What does the Docusign integration feature within Copilot for Sales entail?How can a customer get started?Useful Resources:Dynamics 365 Integrations | DocusignDocuSign for Dynamics ( up for Copilot for Sales Extensibility Preview ( Suresh JeevananiSuresh Jeevanani is Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at Docusign. He has over 2 decades of experience in the high-tech industry. He is passionate about bringing power to technology & technology ecosystems to help customers transform their businesses. He lives in San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughter. In his spare time, Suresh likes to play tennis and go road-biking.Connect with Suresh - Suresh Jeevanani | LinkedIn
  • 10. Copilot for Service

    Customer service agents face challenges such as access to relevant data and the right technological tools, with some juggling up to 10 different systems to address a single issue. Each step in the process of resolving customer issues is time-consuming and complex, with agents spending significant time researching cases and seeking out solutions. As customer inquiries increase in volume and complexity, organizations must find ways to streamline processes, reduce the workload on agents, and improve the overall customer experience. This week on the podcast, we have Edgar Wilson II, Principal Program Manager for Customer Service Business Applications to highlight what Copilot for Service is and how customers can extract value from it.Episode Topics:What is Copilot for Service?How is this different than D365 CS?How can a customer get started?Useful Resources:Official Microsoft Copilot for Service documentation - Copilot for Service | Microsoft LearnQuickstart—create and deploy Copilot for Service - Copilot for Service | Microsoft LearnGet started with Microsoft Copilot for Service - Training | Microsoft LearnAbout Edgar Wilson II:"Hi, my name is Edgar Wilson, Principal Program Manager in the Dynamics 365 Customer Service group. I hold over 15 years of Dynamics experience having spent 7 years with prestigious implementation partners including Aderant, Customer Effective and Hitachi. During this time I worked as an architect and technical consultant implementing Dynamics in a variety of industries including Financial Services, Healthcare and manufacturing. I’ve been at Microsoft 8 years, holding a variety of roles in sales and engineering in the business applications group."Connect with Edgar - Edgar Wilson II | LinkedIn
  • 9. The Evolution of Business Applications

    What was your first interaction with technology? For our Guest, Greg Williams, VP of Strategy at Western Computer, it involved a green screen. Fast forward to the present, and he's helping organizations of various sizes implement business applications and AI technologies into their business processes to make drive growth, improve efficiency and enhance the employee experience. Episode topics:Given your extensive history and experience with Technology and business applications, how have they transformed since you started working with them?Can you help our listeners understand how they should think about technology in the context of their existing business strategies?What are the strategy pitfalls companies make when in regards to investing into a technology solution? Useful resources:Western Computer | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold ERP PartnerCopilot for Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn About Greg WilliamsWith over two decades of experience in the realm of Microsoft Dynamics, I’ve been a trusted partner for businesses seeking streamlined operations. My expertise lies in the intricate dance of manufacturing and distribution, where I’ve orchestrated solutions that drive efficiency and growth. 🚀 Professional Journey: Microsoft Dynamics Advocate: Since the late '90s, I’ve been in the trenches, unraveling complexities and optimizing processes for organizations.Digital Transformation Enthusiast: My passion lies in guiding businesses toward a future where technology empowers them. Whether it’s automating workflows or embracing cloud solutions, count me in!🔑 Skills at a Glance: Microsoft Dynamics: From configuration to customization, I’ve navigated the Dynamics landscape.Process Optimization: I thrive on untangling operational knots and making systems hum.Distribution Excellence: Supply chains, logistics, and inventory management—my playground.Connect with Greg - Greg Williams | LinkedIn
  • 8. Copilot Integration with M365

    Within Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Customer Insights Journeys, Field Service, Power Platform and Finance, users can utilize Copilot within their flow of work in each of the respective solutions. A seller can use Copilot to summarize an opportunity with D365 Sales. A customer service agent can ask Copilot a technical question about troubleshooting a product and Copilot will answer it because it is connected to an existing knowledge base. But what if the user is using Outlook or Teams? Well thanks to the Copilot integration with M365, users can access Copilot that's connected to their CRM within Outlook or Teams to update records, access business-critical information, and more. Copilot meets the end users wherever they are to ensure it can empower them right from their flow of work. Episode TopicsHow can users take advantage of D365 Copilot and M365 Copilot together?What will the cost be, and will users need a M365 copilot license in lieu of the D365 Copilot license?What new advancements does D365 have coming that you can share? Useful ResourcesMicrosoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 | Microsoft 365Introducing Microsoft 365 Copilot | Microsoft 365 BlogMicrosoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 overview | Microsoft Learn About Chris StedmanHere's how Chris describes himself - "I am a Sales fanatic. With over 3 decades of experience in sales, sales operations, sales coaching, and sales strategy, I live for sales engagements and conversations! I am extremely passionate about the art of sales and the science of sales operations. Currently, as the Director of GTM strategy and motions for Business Applications at Microsoft, I focus on seller excellence, customer experience, and sales programs and automation. I reside in the great state of Minnesota, with my wife and two children. When I'm not selling or coaching, I enjoy MN Vikings football, Arsenal soccer, poker, golf, and hanging out at the lake. Please connect with me on LinkedIn!" Connect with Chris - Chris Stedman | LinkedIn
  • 7. How ServiceNow Innovates with Technology

    Technology innovation involves harnessing knowledge, expertise, and resources to develop innovative solutions that solve problems, improve efficiency, drive progress, and deliver value. Technology innovation can have various impacts, such as improving the quality of life, fostering economic growth and competitiveness, enhancing efficiency and productivity, addressing societal challenges, fueling scientific and technological advancement, and empowering and engaging users. This week, we have the opportunity to discuss how an enterprise organization thinks about and executes on innovation at ServiceNow with their Deputy Chief Innovation Officer, Kevin Barnard. Episode TopicsWhat does a Chief Innovation Officer do? How does ServiceNow drive innovation, and what role does Microsoft have in supporting it?How can ServiceNow and Microsoft partner to drive innovation in the customer relationship management space? About Kevin Barnard Kevin is the Deputy Chief Innovation Officer of ServiceNow.In his role, Kevin drives thought leadership and innovation, communicates ServiceNow’s vision and strategy, helps customers and partners see the art of the possible, and shares how ServiceNow can help the world work better for everyone. Kevin prides himself on being a technology innovator and digital transformation catalyst.  Prior to joining ServiceNow in 2017, Kevin spent 14 years in various technology leadership roles at General Electric Company. He started his professional life as a journalist before taking his interview and design skills to the IT world right around the time of Y2K. He has worked in startups, e-commerce and other web-based organizations. Kevin enjoys coaching and mentoring developing leaders. He is also a 200-hr. certified yoga instructor. Connect with Kevin - Kevin Barnard | LinkedIn
  • 6. D365 for the Gaming Industry

    The gaming industry is a $200+ billion industry, with tremendous opportunity to grow. Being such a massive industry means plenty of customers. As such, it is hugely important for the customer experience to be optimized from the purchase, support and playing of a game. This week, we have a D365 and Gaming industry expert discussing how gaming companies are using D365 and realizing its value. Episode TopicsWhat are some top digital transformation trends happening in the Gaming industry?How are gaming companies using D365 today?Can you please share a customer success story around a Gaming company using D365?Useful ResourcesBusiness Applications | Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Power Virtual Agents, now part of Microsoft Copilot Studio | Microsoft Power Virtual AgentsAbout Justin RaphaelJustin is a sales leader in the mighty West-Midwest OU in the Business Applications STU focused on West coast (+Colorado, Nevada, etc). He's been at Microsoft for 11 years, starting in support (TAM, Support Seller, Support Sales Manager) for 6 years. He lives in Tacoma, WA and currently lives, breathes, and eats all things BizApps (in addition to having a vibrant family, a passion for triathlon training, and hustling his kids to various after school activities).Connect with Justin - Justin Raphael | LinkedInWe'd love to hear from you!Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback! We'd love to hear from you. Send your hosts an email at Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at 
  • 5. D365 Architecture and User Adoption Best Practices

    Without user adoption, the perfect piece of technology is worthless. No matter what the analysts say about a platform, or how much AI is infused into it, if your end users are not utilizing a company's investment into a technology platform, like Dynamics 365, then they're just bleeding money. This week, our guest, Kayla Rohde, Solution Architect at Western Computer highlights some technology and user adoption best practices all organizations can implement today.Episode Topics:Can you describe your role at Western Computer and provide an overview of what Western Computer specializes in?In the context of Dynamics, how are your customers incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), considering its growing importance?Could you identify common challenges customers face when implementing Customer Engagement (CE) and Field Service (FS) solutions?Episode Resources:Dynamics 365 reference architectures - Dynamics 365 | Microsoft LearnDynamics 365 Field Service documentation - Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft LearnWestern Computer | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gold ERP PartnerAbout Kayla Rohde:"Greetings! I’m Kayla Rohde, a D365 Solution Architect. I've been on an incredible journey working with D365 Applications for the last 8 years. I'm passionate about designing business systems that are efficient, user friendly, and scalable. My best work happens in a team environment where I can collaborate with other creative minds to come up with innovative solutions. Beyond my professional life, I embrace the joys (and dog fur) that come with being a dog mom to Diesel (German Shepherd -11) and Xena Warrior Princess (Aussie Doodle -3). In my free time, I enjoy running around with my dogs, yoga, reading, writing, sharing dad jokes and savoring life's little moments."Connect with Kayla - Kayla Rohde | LinkedInWe'd love to hear from you!Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback! We'd love to hear from you. Send your hosts an email at digestibledynamics@microsoft.comDiscover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at
  • 4. Leveraging NeuCare to Improve the HLS Experience

    One of the industry clouds supported by the Microsoft Cloud is Healthcare. Within the USA, the US Healthcare expenditure reached $4.3 trillion in 2021 supporting the 304 million people who have healthcare. It's undoubtedly a massive industry, and in today's market, technology is pivotal to an optimal provider and patient experience.  Some customers choose to build solutions, while others purchase solutions to help them improve their processes, regulation and overall patient experience. Today, we're going to be interviewing Riann from Neudesic who will educate us on NeuCare, a healthcare industry solution. Episode Topics:What is the Care Management Platform by Neudesic?What are the customer benefits of using this platform?Which D365 solutions are used to create this platform?Benefits of buying vs building a solution Useful Resources:Official Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare documentation - Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare | Microsoft LearnReimagining Business In The Digital Age - We accelerate your journey to the cloud and help deliver real digital business transformation ( & Life Sciences: Managing Data at the Heart of Healthcare ( About Riaan van der MerweRiaan is a Senior Director in Neudesic's Business Application Practice, where he specializes in large scale deployment architecture and industry verticals. He has extensive experience in the healthcare and life sciences, hospitality, real-estate and financial service sectors, and is currently leading the development of Neudesic's community care management and credentialling solutions. Riaan is passionate about interoperability, platform architectures and whole person care. Connect with Riaan - Riaan van der Merwe | LinkedInWe'd love to hear from you!Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback! We'd love to hear from you. Send your hosts an email at Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at 
  • Copilot for D365 Field Service

    According to some statistics published by, field service management software can increase technician utilization by 47%, first-time fix rate by 22%, and customer retention by 11%. With the addition of Copilot to Field service, end users like dispatchers, field service managers and field technicians are empowered with an even greater boost in productivity, work quality and work satisfaction. There are many benefits to Copilot for Field Service, which is why we wanted to bring on a Dynamics 365 Field Service expert, Hector Garcia Tellado, Partner Director of Product Management for D365 Field Service at Microsoft, to discuss what Copilot for Field Service is and how it will benefit its users. Episode TopicsWhat is Copilot for D365 Field Service?How do you see it benefiting our FS customers today?Which LOBs do you see benefiting from Copilot for D365 Field Service?  Useful Resources:Copilot in Dynamics 365 Field Service supports exceptional frontline service - Microsoft Dynamics 365 BlogDynamics 365 Field Service - Copilot in Field Service | Microsoft LearnWork order recap with Copilot in Field Service (preview) - Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft LearnField Service Outlook add-in with Copilot for the Frontline Manager (preview) - Dynamics 365 Field Service | Microsoft Learn About Hector Garcia TelladoHector Garcia Tellado is a Partner Director of Product Management for D365 Field Service at Microsoft, overseeing product vision, roadmap and strategy. Prior to this role, he was the head of Product Management of D365 Remote Assist, a mixed reality application that allows better frontline worker communication; before that he held various PM roles in the Azure IoT organization. He also spent several years in IBM Software in their Lab Service teams serving the EMEA region. Hector holds an BS in Physics from University of Vigo (Spain) and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management (Cambridge, MA). Connect with Hector - Hector Garcia Tellado | LinkedIn We'd love to hear from you!Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, suggestions or feedback! We'd love to hear from you. Send your hosts an email at Discover and follow other Microsoft podcasts at