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Oilers AGM Bill Scott gives us a salary cap 101 lesson

Ep. 153

We are back to two episodes a week on The DFO Rundown! Frank and Jason are gearing up for the start of the NHL season and there was plenty to get to today on the show. To start things off, they talked about a few teams around the league that are in some interesting situations when it comes to the salary cap. With a lot of teams preparing to use LTIR to start the season, there are some moves that still could be made. From there, they talked about Nick Suzuki being named the youngest Captain in Canadiens history, players around the league that are being signed to PTO's, and what could be next for PK Subban as he sits unsigned with training camps just around the corner. Tyler Yaremchuk also stopped by for an awards-themed edition of 'Buy or Sell'.

Today's guest was Edmonton Oilers Assistant GM Bill Scott. He's the team's salary cap expert and joined the show to give us a bit of insight into how teams strategize with the salary cap, how LTIR works, and he also gave us one idea for how he'd change the salary cap system.

1:40 - Teams in cap trouble

5:30 - Nick Suzuki is the Canadien's Captain

9:25 - PTO season

15:30 - PK Subban

19:45 - Looking at the four major awards

39:27 - Oilers AGM Bill Scott

44:40 - How his career got started

49:30 - The challenges of LTIR

59:47 - A look at arbitration

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Binnington's act, fighting in hockey & frying pans

Ep. 202
Jason and Frank are back with another episode of The DFO Rundown and they kicked things off with some fireworks as they talked about the Jordan Binnington vs Marc-Andre Fleury “non-fight”. Frank says this was just another example of Binnington’s fake tough guy act. Gregor wanted to see the linesmen let them go at it.That spilled into a conversation about the state of fighting in the sport. They talked about some talks that happened at the GM meetings about this topic and how some in the sport want to see an end to fights after clean hits. The QMJHL is also becoming the first major junior league in Canada to outlaw fighting completely.The NHL has two 100-point scorers already this year, and they’re both on the same team. The guys talked about Draisaitl’s remarkably productive season, if he’d be able to do it without 97, and where he ranks all-time amongst European centremen. Is he going to be the best ever? They also talked about McDavid’s remarkable season, which led to some talk about Connor Bedard and who’s doing the best tank job right now in the NHL.Tyler hopped in with some Buy or Sell questions which started with one about McDavid’s historic season. He also asked them about which second seed has the best chance to catch their respective division leader. He wrapped it up with some talk about a very unique way that Gregor uses a frying pan.4:30 - Binnington vs Fleury9:00 - Fighting in the game30:15 - McDavid & Draisaitl36:30 - Draft lottery talk39:15 - Buy or Sell48:24 - Svechnikov injury