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Through the Lens with Sam Oddo

Season 2, Ep. 5

This one's about: The formative impact of Spielberg, Scorsese, and a father's love of film. The power of emotional storytelling and short-form content. How does a creative vision become tangible through a filmmaker's eyes? How does one craft something new and original in times like these? Join us for Sam Oddo's story and see why the passion behind a creative career path can be there all along yet undiscovered for a little while.

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  • 10. Long Story Short: Beautiful Brands + Beautiful Messaging

    This one's about: Why simple is often always better. How we can all lose ourselves in a story. A subscription service for self-improvement. And personalized gastrointestinal care for long-term relief.When it comes to designing experiences, when is it time to be direct and obvious versus painting the whole, elaborate picture? Can a website be clever and engaging, but also convey what's being offered within a few seconds?In response to a recent Dr. J.J. Peterson webinar, Matt, Steve, and Emily discuss the brand and marketing messaging we encounter every day, what separates the good brand stories from the not-so-good ones, and wrap-up with a stroll through the digital world of some of the best (and worst) messaging for products being sold today.Marketing answers the question of what do you do how does it make my life better and how do I get it? Branding answers the question of how does your brand make me feel?- Dr. J.J. Peterson of StorybrandMentioned in this episode:Storybrand Webinar: 5 Things Your Website Needs to Grow SalesMadeforEvensSmartlingkencko
  • 9. Direct to consumer: the heart wants what it wants

    This one's about: Premium frying pans that come in soothing earthy colors, Ginsu knives, the Ron Popeil revolution, and snake oil. The allure and wonder of direct-to-consumer products. Are vegan gummies going to fix your anxiety? What about artisanal distilled non-alcoholic spirits? Do you really need a new pan? What if it comes with a special wooden spoon that hooks onto the handle? What are the key components of an influencer video pushing a new product? But wait, there’s more! Matt, Steve, and Emily discuss the current surge in DTC products, dunk on the ones we think are lame, and question the value of these industry disruptors.
  • 8. Acceleration & Iteration

    This one's about: Word '97 on a shiny disc, the creation of the New York Subway map, and the everlasting allure of an Eames chair. How has our creation of fast-paced workflows and iterations inside our workplaces affected our expectations and experiences outside our workplaces? Is there a correlation between time and effort vs. meaning and timelessness in design? Through referenced words of wisdom of both past and present (Marshall McLuhan anyone?), Matt, Steve, and Emily deliberate on accelerated workflows and their effect on our lives.
  • 7. Finding Your Way In with Justin Klugh

    This one’s about: baseball, complicated storylines and huge worlds made out of LEGOS, and the importance of mentors. Fighting the good fight in the name of Narrative, Narratology, and — if you will — Wordology. How does one decide to pursue the glory of copywriting? The power of embracing failure, just sitting down and getting started, and of course, keeping your eye on the ball.
  • 6. Inside the World of Design with Casey Hawes

    This one’s about: The golden age of Nintendo, Reebok Pumps, TMNT, and GI Joe. Vinyl may be final, but do album covers mean anything anymore? How do the interests and hobbies we have as youngsters inform what career choices we make? And more importantly, how many pairs of shoes does it take to be a superhero creative director? Do the weird moments of art school help one navigate the world of design? Take 24 minutes out of your busy day and learn what makes Casey Hawes tick.
  • 4. Should all brands pursue tribal devotion?

    This one’s about: Six hundred dollar heated bidet solutions, the ever-present possibility of overnight disruptions, and the critical moment of becoming interesting and exciting. Why are shared beliefs between brands and customers so important? Should all brands seek to deeply understand why they exist? And what about generic products and boring, mature markets? Today, Steve, Matt, and Emily ask the hard question: should all brands pursue tribal devotion?Further ReadingWhat is tribal devotion and why does it matter?The Design of Experience: The Tribal Devotion Talk
  • 3. Brand Mindfulness: Taking Action

    This one’s about: Lemonade stands. How does the kid in Steve’s neighborhood need to rethink his approach to providing flavored hydration? Lazzberry Lemonade! Steve and Matt disagree on whether caring about people makes you a Marxist. AND… TADA! 5 steps to developing Brand Mindfulness. Today, Steve, Matt, and Emily talk about taking action!
  • 2. Developing Brand Mindfulness

    This one’s about: Being stuck in a moment with Bono and robot voices defining Ikigai. Executives recognizing and navigating change. The roots of mindfulness and what businesses and market leaders can learn from it. Ralph Waldo Emerson, concentric circles, Zen Buddhism, sales pitches… How can you move into different modes of operation based on shifting realities? Today, Steve, Matt, and Emily discern what Brand Mindfulness is and what it isn’t.