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Sinead, Music and Stone Age Economics

Season 2023, Ep. 60

After a quick top-up on last week’s Italian episode, we talk about Sinead O'Connor before she became Sinead O'Connor. From there we explore why music was always much more than entertainment and how the origins of music might have driven Stone Age productivity and the first economy of the cave man!

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  • 77. Argentina: An economic and now, political car crash. Its worse than you think

    How does one of the richest economy of the 19th century blow it? What are the lessons for the rest of us? As the saying goes, “The road to ruin is shorter than you think”. How does a good country go bad? And now that Argentina has completely come off the rails, can its be saved or is it about to become a "failed state"? If it does, could the Argentinean virus spread to the rest of Latin America?
  • 76. Why Ireland should copy Vienna

    Vienna, one of the world’s most liveable city, was created through a strong vision for its future and targeted taxes. Today, housing costs in Vienna are a third of its Irish counter part, we should be taking notes!
  • 75. Are we at the 4th turning?

    Today’s episode is a unique discussion with the writer Neil Howe about a completely different way to look at history, in chapters over decades and how history tends to repeat itself over given periods of time… and spoiler alert: Neil thinks we’re about to change chapter VERY soon!
  • 74. The ECB on Trial

    The ECB has raised interest rates ten times in two years but the Euro is not getting stronger, it is getting weaker. What does this tell us about the European economy and inconsistency at the heart of European policy making. We head to Frankfurt and put the ECB in the dock. I rest my case!
  • 73. Swedenomics

    The euro-tour continues as we dive into what makes Sweden tick - but not before one of our usual tangents on skin differences! Nevertheless, today is about the libertarian/socialist contradiction that is Sweden and how it always manages to punch above its weight.
  • 72. Crouch, Bind, Set! & G20 economics

    What does the latest G20 accord tell us about the new Cold War and speaking of wars, we examine the Rugby World Cup and more interestingly the Economics of Rugby. Will Saudi Arabia do to rugby what it’s trying to do to football, golf, F1 and probably tennis? Imagine Munster owned by a Sheik? Could it happen? As it spends billions in sports-washing, the RWC is surely a shop window event for potential buyers of the game!
  • 71. How India became the coming power

    With the coming G20 summit in India we take a look at how the rise of india came to be, how it went from colonialism, to socialism and now to capitalism. Now a significant player on the international stage, will India succeed at becoming rich before it becomes old? Join us as we find out how its going to try
  • 70. The tragedy of state outsourcing

    If we are to prepare a future that welcomes 10 million people in Ireland, we need take back control of public infrastructure project costs because these runaway costs are hindering our growth and reducing public confidence in the state.
  • 69. Uncovering Portugal

    Portugal’s current economic situation can only be explained through its rich & expansive history. As we tease out the various chapters of Portugal we uncover another nation that although is supposed to be rich, feels poor.