The David McWilliams Podcast


The Coming Great Crash?

Season 2023, Ep. 40

They say that history doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes. Today’s discussion is all about what we can take from history as we navigate this slow grinding bank crisis, many years of easy money and still elevated asset prices - all in a time of rising, not falling interest rates

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  • 45. The opioid crisis in America is coming to Europe

    America has been fighting through a series of drug epidemics in the last few years, and those drugs are now poised to cross the pond. Today we take a look at what is going on and why Europe should be worried at what's coming from the USA.
  • 44. Why more interest rate hikes are coming and Irish census revelations

    We start in America, breaking down the impact of the debt ceiling deal & why more bank fallouts are likely on the way before moving to the Irish census to talk about what we can learn from this amazing “day in the life” view of the Irish population
  • 43. Follow the money

    All criminal enterprises are enterprises, meaning they are businesses…and like every business they leave a money trail. Today we talk to the man who is suing the Wagner Group, hitting them in their deep pocket. Jason McCue has successfully prosecuted the IRA and HAMAS, now he’s going after Wagner. Fascinating stuff!
  • 42. Why the Federal Reserve is stuck in a "cul de sac", and what it means for you.

    The American economy refuses to obey the Federal Reserve and things are going to break. We examine the monetary bind facing the world's premier central bank and what it all means.
  • 41. What you know about Western civilization is wrong

    The saying goes that there’s a straight line from Plato to Nato - but actually, it’s much more complicated than that. Today we explain why we repeat a story that we know to be untrue and what the real story is.
  • 39. This is the most important week in the Ukraine war - and global geo-politics as a whole

    The counter-offensive might be underway but the outcomes are still very much up in the air. Let’s look at what’s going on and how the outcomes in Ukraine will ripple across the world
  • 38. A Coming US Default?

    Is the US about to manufacture a debt crisis? Don't rule it out. There are enough nut-jobs knocking around Capitol Hill for whom shutting down government is a victory not a catastrophe. And once we’re finished with the Lunes on the Hill, we explains what any Irish sovereign wealth fund (PS: we’re delighted the government is listening to our ideas!) ought to be focussed on. Incidentally, paying down debt is actually the worst use of money possible.
  • 37. American Bank Carnage part 2

    The American banking system is experiencing a slow grinding crisis. We explore, why this is happening, why now and why the Fed adopted a completely different attitude to the 2023 banking crisis than the 2008 crisis and what this all means for the economy and the way we distribute money around the 21st century economy. And further out, could Apple - the great disrupter - be poised to disrupt Wall Street?