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Psychotic Christmas

Donald Trump sits down for an INSANE interview with Mike Huckabee. A Delaware judge rules Dominion’s defamation suit can go forward. Purdue Pharma’s $4.5 billion payout agreement is dismantled. Fox News blames George Soros for rising crime rates.

Co-host: Brett Erlich

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Good Mole Hunting

Reports suggest Trump is “paranoid” over a possible rat in his inner circle. Far-right extremists threaten the judge who issued the FBI search warrant. Hollywood studios resist calls to institute abortion safety protocols. CDC data finds 1 in 5 Covid patients contract long covid. Beto O’Rourke curses out a heckler. Co-Host: Adrienne Lawrence (@AdrienneLaw)Become a TDR YouTube Member: Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: build the Home of the Progressives to The Damage Report YouTube channel: The Damage Report on TikTok: The Damage Report on Instagram: Follow The Damage Report on Twitter: Right-Wing Extremist Makes DISASTROUS Mistake Attacking FBI Base - IMPLODES In Fatal Paranoia Over Inner Circle Informant - Up Beto O'Rourke Demolishes Heckler At Uvalde Speech - Congressman Unveils Just How Strong His Ignorance Is - Greene LOSES HER MIND Over Trump Raid 'Traitors' - Boebert HUMILIATES Herself With Revealing Misstep - Fuels Fire Of Bigoted Trump Lovers Threatening Judge -