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Gaetz Of Hell

Joe Biden is caught calling Peter Doocey a SOB. Matt Gaetz backs Newt Gingrinch’s plan to punish January 6 investigators. A Florida school district cancels a civil rights lecture over unfounded Critical Race Theory concerns. Super Bowl halftime performers describe their unpaid labour conditions. King Soopers Workers in Colorado win a new contract. A major Texas newspaper switches its endorsement from Henry Cuellar to Jessica Cisneros.

Co-host: Sentator Nina Turner

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The Elephant In The Womb

A Trump-endorsed candidate hails Roe ending as “a victory for White life”. Ayanna Pressley lays out how Democrats should respond to the Dobbs decision. Republicans downplay the threat of rape-related pregnancy. Lauren Boebert goes after her own constituents. Co-Host: Francesca Fiorentini (@franifio)Watch Francesca on The Bitchuation Room Sundays at 5/8EST Follow Francesca: Become a TDR YouTube Member: Follow The Damage Report on Facebook: build the Home of the Progressives to The Damage Report YouTube channel: The Damage Report on TikTok: The Damage Report on Instagram: Follow The Damage Report on Twitter: Trump Rally ROARS As GOP Thanks Trump For Saving 'White Life' - Driver Rips Through Abortion Protestors At Iowa Rally - Demands Impeachment Of Supreme Court LIARS - Giuliani Whimpers Over Grocery Store 'Assault' - Boebert BACKHANDS Her Own State In Embarrassing Rant - Nutjob Reboots Dangerous Abortion Theory -