Black's History Week


George III - a much misunderstood monarch?

Ep. 10

To Americans, a tyrant. To British radicals, a reactionary. To dramatists, a madman. And to many of his subjects, a well-intentioned and fundamentally moderate ruler holding his realm together in a Europe assailed by absolutists, dictators, and revolutionaries. Do any of these caricatures of George III fit?

In this podcast, Professor Jeremy Black, author of George III: America's Last King, and, most recently, George III: Majesty and Madness, talks to The Critic's political editor, Graham Stewart, about the sixty year reign of a man brought up to be the embodiment of a patriot king.


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Image: King George III of England, painting by Allan Ramsay, c. 1767 (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)

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