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The Creativity Podcast

S01E01 - Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire)

Season 1, Ep. 1

Stephen Mallinder is a musician best known for his work as part of Cabaret Voltaire, but has also worked extensively in many other fields, has had work exhibited at the Tate Modern and at MoMA, and is also a writer and an academic. The audio quality on this one wasn't the best, unfortunately, but we go into a lot of interesting stuff around authenticity, why people in are motivated to create, how that is facilitated by societies and cultures, and a few fun little rabbit holes besides. As we're both academics, that helped to define the direction the conversation went in, which made this one a really fascinating discussion about some of the more theoretical ideas surrounding art and culture.

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  • 2. S01E02 - Ollie Teeba (The Herbaliser)

    Ollie is a music producer and DJ, best known for his releases on Ninja Tune as part of the Herbaliser, and as a DJ and solo artist. We get deep into his thoughts on creativity in music production via relationships with your audience, drawing in musical influences from other art forms, the nature of ego, and all manner of other stuff. We also went through a load of stuff on his early days with Ninja Tune, discussing creativity occurring in the right place at the right time. This one was a lot of fun, Ollie has loads of really interesting ideas. I had a great time following his thought processes, and I hope you will too.
  • 3. S01E03 - Riz Maslen (NeoTropic)

    Riz has released music on Ninja Tune and numerous other labels as NeoTropic, worked with artists such as Future Sound of London and Coldcut, and is very active as a producer and as a vocalist. Riz is a very cool and very interesting lady. Some really thoughtful insights into how creativity is brought about through interactions with other people, the role of technology in the creative process, her own process of becoming a producer and releasing music. We also talk about Bagpuss, Thunderbirds, and how sometimes the most creative things are brought about using the barest resources.https://music.neotropic.net
  • 4. S01E04 - Zak Brashill (Etch)

    Zak is a super accomplished and cutting edge drum 'n' bass producer who has been very active on loads of well-regarded underground labels for many years, and DJs all over Europe and further afield. We spoke about creative identity, how DJing and music production feed into one another, drawing influences from sources outside of music, collaboration with other artists, creativity as a form of therapy, and a load of other tangents. Zak's ideas are really clear and concise, and it's very interesting how he links everything together with his practice as a producer. I really like chatting with Zak, he's very chilled and funny and has some fascinating insights.
  • 5. S01E05 - Matt Ford (DJ Format)

    Matt Ford is better known as DJ Format. His album Music For The Mature B-Boy made a big splash in the UK hip-hop scene back in the day, and since then he's been producing and releasing new music, both instrumental stuff and with vocalists. Matt has made some fairly big creative shifts recently, finding new ways to approach his production work. We discuss those shifts, alongside notions of everyday creativity, creative environments and contexts, and the importance of stepping away from work to find moments of inspiration. He's also a very funny and jovial sort of bloke so we spent quite a lot of time laughing about nonsense and generally enjoying ourselves.