The Cookbook Circle


The making of: The Cook's Companion & Thai Food

Season 1

They've let us loose in the cookbook factory with this minisode! We're talking all about how some of the books we've given the Cookbook Circle treatment to this season came into being. We welcome Julie Gibbs, who has worked in publishing for more than 30 years, as the the Cookbook Circle's first guest. Julie had the unique and very special honour of publishing both Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion and David Thompson's Thai food. We grill her (pun intended) about the nitty gritty of cookbook publishing and she reveals some fascinating stories about two of Australia's most prestigious chefs.

Please forgive us for some slightly patchy sound at the beginning of this one (Julie definitely did laugh at our lame jokes but the recording didn't quite catch it, we swear) but stay with us, we promise it gets better!

You can find Julie on Instagram @Julie_Gibbs and at her website:

Intro & Outro: Funky Souls – Amarià

Interludes: Dance It Off (Instrumental Version) - Elin Sandberg

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