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Nistisima - Georgina Hayden

Season 2, Ep. 10

DItch the cashew cheese, put that Quorn packet away and get ready for some vegan food with a backstory as we explore Georgina Hayden's Nistisima, a fascinating book of food eaten during times of Orthodox fasting. Plus, we discuss the great @jakecohen on Instagram.

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  • 21. Finale - Season 3

    Thank you so much for listening to this season, we've had so much fun! Hear all our takes in one place in our season wrap up, and we also answer your questions. See you back here soon. ByeeeeeeeeTheme music: Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 20. Doma - Spasia Pandora Dinkovski

    We're finishing off this season with Doma by Spasia Pandora Dinkovski, which introduces us to the world of Balkan food, and frankly, it's seems like our kinda world. Filo pastry, sparkling water and cheese. What more could you want?!Theme music: Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 19. Vegan Japaneasy - Tim Anderson

    Allow us to transport you to the delicious shores of Japan (who one of us knows lots about) for this episode, cooking from Tim Anderson's Vegan Japaneasy AND you can hear all about Victoria's recent trip there - plus a few tangents, but some things never change..Theme music: Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 18. Bahari - Dina Macki

    Dina Macki's first book, Bahari, is a gorgeous deep dive into Omani cuisine and a window into her family's background. The window into our kitchens may show at least one ruined pan, though...Theme music: Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 17. The Ultimate Tomato Sauce

    We're back out doing God's work and testing the best tomato sauces for you guys! And in the words of our US pals, we're talking pomodoro, not marinara...What's your go-to recipe?! We want to hear! Theme music: Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 16. The Cookbook Circle Meets... AI recipes

    We asked you for a wildcard episode idea - and you delivered! We took on Chat GPT, gave it an idea (or three) for recipes and got to cooking. Find out how we got on...Lovely Swindler - Amaria
  • 15. All About... Gingerbread

    We wouldn't call ourselves particular... except we like gingerbread in the form of cookies and cake, rather than houses and men, ok? We may not have the bells this year as sound effects, but we're still getting festive here at the Cookbook Circle - talking all things Xmas cooking and more specifically, our favourite recipes for gingerbread. Let us know what your favourite is, and critically, if you've made a gingerbread house, do you eat it?!Lovely Swindler - AmariaSmith the Mister
  • 14. Sunday - Sophie Godwin

    Sunday, Sunday, gotta get down on Sunday! 🎵 If you've ever dreamed of us talking about a book with the author right there, then your dream finally comes true with this episode. Sophie Godwin joins us to tell us all about her creative process and her first cookbook, Sunday. Lovely Swindler - AmariaSmith the Mister
  • 13. More is More - Molly Baz

    Molly Baz is BACK. Cukes, Umam and 'za all feature in this one, and if you understand all those letters but not the 'words' then, don't fear the CBC is here. More is More is likely the most maximalist book we've ever covered. Bring your sunglasses! The books we talked about at the top of the episode were Ramen Forever by Tim Anderson, Bitter by Alexina Anatole and Roast Figs, Sugar Snow by Diana Henry.Lovely Swindler - AmariaSmith the Mister