The Cookbook Circle


MINISODE - Cook to Bang

Season 1

Serial seducer? Anti-feminist? Cooking prodigy? We discuss "Le Chef" behind the questionably designed website and book, Cook to Bang - a concept so outrageous that we're interrupting normal service to bring you an adorable little minisode all about it.

Brace yourself for Victoria and Hannah reciting their favourite parts of the website and find out which of the haute-cuisine recipes we decided to put to the test. And most importantly, let us know if you own the book: we have a lot of questions.

A quick note before you dive in - there's all sorts of inappropriate content in this episode including swearing, sexual references and terrible puns! So please take care if you would prefer to save yourself or the person you're listening with from those things!

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Intro & Outro: Funky Souls – Amarià

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