The Cookbook Circle


Cook This Book - Molly Baz

Season 2, Ep. 2

Grab those cukes and crouts, we're about to talk all things Molly Baz, the all-American gal who you may know from Bon Appetit, and her first book, Cook This Book. We do our very best to get down with the kids (and ultimately resort to our most cynical British and Irish selves) while scanning QR codes and learning all of Molly's Golden Rules - but, as always, we are truly psyched to be here.

Let us know if you've made any of Molly's recipes, and what your favourite abbreviation is @cookbookcircle on Insta and Twitter. Now, who's for a k-bas?

Music: Upbeat Funk, Infraction and Riviera, Smith the Mister

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