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Finding A Strong Democratic Voice

Cenk Uygur hosts. Joseph Signorello III, Roselle Park Mayor joins to discuss his senate primary challenge in New Jersey against Senator Bob Menendez.

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  • Rebellion PAC Tackles Wisconsin

    Cenk Uygur hosts. Brianna Wu, Executive Director of Rebellion PAC joins to discuss the latest on upcoming Wisconsin judicial election and what a conservative win in Wisconsin could mean for Democracy.
  • A Victory for Disabled Americans

    Cenk Uygur hosts. Disability Rights Advocate Dylan Brown talks about the Biden Administration's proposed changes to SSI benefits, and how the pandemic changed Medicaid coverage for disabled Americans.
  • WolfPAC Takes on New Hampshire

    Cenk Uygur hosts. New Hampshire State Representatives Jodi Newell and Ellen Read join to discuss their work with WolfPAC and getting money out of politics.
  • Honest News

    The Lever's Founder and Editor-in-Chief David Sirota joins to talk about how corporate media avoids certain stories to serve their partisan views.
  • Can Manchin Save Us?

    David Shuster hosts. Democratic Strategist Christina Carrica Haley discusses Sen. Joe Manchin's efforts to broker a deal on the debt ceiling. Juliana Kaplan breaks down how the effort to roll back prevailing wage laws has lead to dangerous conditions for construction workers.
  • Freedom Struggle

    Jessica Burbank hosts. Resilience Force Executive Director Saket Soni joins to discuss how he discovered a huge human trafficking operation, and what he did to end it. Democratic Strategist Kristal Knight joins to discuss Jeff Zients and what the role of White House Chief of Staff entails.
  • Taking On the Monster

    Cenk Uygur hosts. Former Republican U.S. Congressman Joe Walsh breaks down the race between Trump and DeSantis, and the state of the Republican Party. Representative Ro Khanna joins to discuss whether or not he will run for a senate seat or for president in 2024.
  • Ron to the Rescue?

    Cenk Uygur hosts. Republican Political Strategist and Pollster John Thomas joins to talk about his pro-DeSantis SuperPAC, and Trump's primary chances in 2024. Ester Ting Memorial Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Keith Humphreys joins to talk about how libertarianism is impacting the San Francisco drug crisis.