The Combustion Chronicles


Waving a Baton for Change (with Teddy Abrams)

Season 4, Ep. 32

Teddy Abrams first dreamed of leading an orchestra when he was just nine years old. Barely two decades later, this musical phenom now leads both the Louisville Orchestra and Oregon’s Britt Festival. But Abrams isn’t just another orchestra conductor; he’s reinventing what an orchestra and its music can mean for a city and its people. He now dreams about far more than just waving a baton, and he’s just as comfortable hanging out with hip hop stars, bluegrass musicians, gospel choirs, and social-justice activists as he is on the podium. Join us for this week’s conversation as we sit down with the conductor extraordinaire to discuss how he’s using the universal language of music to break down walls and heal a city, offering a path forward not just for his community, but for humanity.

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