The Combustion Chronicles


A Frontline Data Revolution (with Ville Levaniemi)

Season 4, Ep. 35

If the customer is always right, shouldn’t we listen to what they have to say? And shouldn’t we get their feedback to the employees who can act on it? That’s just what Ville Levaniemi’s company, HappyOrNot, is doing. The company’s globally recognizable feedback system uses smiley faces—and frowny faces—to instantly turn consumer responses into clear, actionable information. Believing data should be both transparent and democratized, Ville is looking to disrupt the way organizations relate to their employees and instantly get the feedback to the people who need it most, the frontline worker. Join us this week as we chat with Ville about the power of harnessing real-time feedback and how it can revolutionize the future of business and the customer experience.

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