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#75 Max Howell (Founder of and creator of Homebrew) | Open Source, FAANG Interviews and Package Management

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  • 76. Kent C Dodds (Creator of Epic Web, React Testing Library and Co-Founder of Remix) | The past, the present and the future of web dev!

    Kent C Dodds is a software engineer, entrepreneur and educator from Utah, USA. Kent joins Cameron on The Coder Career to discuss his original journey into tech, lessons he has learnt and what he predicts for his future, as well as his opinions around the best method and stack to learn (through his Epic Web course).Get in touch with Kent:TwitterEpic Web CourseGet in touch with CamTwitterYouTube
  • #74: Gavin Van Lelyveld (Founder of Deconstructing Leadership) | Technical Leadership and the relationship between business and code

    Contact GavPatreonIn this episode of "The Coder Career," your host Cameron delves deep into the world of software engineering with a special guest who brings a wealth of experience and insights to the table. Join us as we sit down with Gavin van Lelyveld, a seasoned engineering leader, to explore the ever-evolving landscape of software development.Gavin shares his journey from coding novice to engineering leadership and how he's overcome the myriad challenges that come with the territory. With years of experience under his belt, Gavin has faced it all, from tight deadlines to team dynamics, and he's here to offer invaluable advice for those aspiring to climb the engineering career ladder.One of the focal points of this episode is the critical art of working effectively with your manager. Gavin's unique perspective as both a manager and an engineer provides invaluable insights into building strong relationships with those who guide your career. Learn how to communicate your goals, navigate conflicts, and ensure that your manager becomes your greatest ally in your professional development.And for all the aspiring software engineers out there, we have a special treat in store. Gavin shares his thoughts on how to break into the software engineering field in 2023. The industry is constantly evolving, and Gavin has his finger on the pulse of the latest trends, technologies, and hiring practices. Discover the key skills, strategies, and resources that will give you a competitive edge as you kickstart your software engineering career.Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable advice and thought-provoking insights to help you thrive in the world of software engineering. Tune in to "The Coder Career" and join Cameron and Gavin as they unravel the mysteries of engineering leadership, managerial collaboration, and the path to success in the dynamic field of software engineering in 2023.
  • 73. #73: Omar Tufayl (Founder of loopsio) | Breaking "no experience" cycle, commercial awareness as a dev and the future of tech education

    Omar Tufayl is a software engineer from Glasgow and founder of loopsio, a platform that enables software engineering students across Scotland to gain practical hands-on experience, giving businesses and organisations a way to resource small scale, cost effective software work, and access the best up and coming talent. Omar joins Cam to discuss his experience, his motivations behind loopsio, and what he sees as the future of the industryContact OmarSupport the show on patreon Cam's Content
  • 72. #72: Eelco Wiersma (Founder of SAAS UI and Senior Engineer at Wundergraph)

    Eelco Wiersma is the founder of SAAS UI and a Senior Software Engineer at WunderGraph. Eelco joins Cam to chat about the future of front end web development, if AI is a threat or opportunity, how engineers can develop their problem solving skills away from the computer, and being a digital nomad.Follow Eelco on TwitterContact CamPatreon
  • 71. #71: Louise Shambrook (Software Engineer at FindMyPast) on Career Changing, Machine Learning and Women in Tech

    Louise Shambrook is a software engineer and former social worker based in Edinburgh UK. Following on from collaborations with The Coder Career at events and on our discord server, Louise joins Cam on the podcast to discuss her journey into tech and what she's learnt along the way! We also talk about gender equality in the industry and what work needs to be undertaken from school level up to the workplace, the experience of getting into software engineering via data rather than the traditional route of web development training, and how Louise's employer FindMyPast is able to process thousands of historical sources to allow people to trace their family history.Contact Louise:LinkedInContact Cam:All Content + Links
  • 70. #70: Matúš Čongrády (CEO Stacktape) on Automating the Process of DevOps

    Matúš Čongrády is a software engineer and CEO of Stacktape from Bratislava, Slovakia. Matúš joins Cameron to discuss what Stacktape is building, how you can get started with DevOps and balancing abstraction services with building your own custom solutions. Stacktape's aim is to make DevOps simple, allowing developers to deploy and run full-stack applications on AWS entirely on their own.Contact Matúš:LinkedInContact CamLinkTreeTry Stacktape
  • 69. #69: Chenyse Semper | Data Engineering, Career Changing and Consulting!

    Cameron explores the dynamic world of data engineering with guest Chenyse Semper, a consultant and data engineer from Infinity Works. This discussion is not just a deep-dive into the intricacies of data engineering and consulting, but a treasure trove of insights that could be the key to unlocking your next career move.Chenyse candidly shares her journey of transitioning into the realm of data engineering, offering inspiration and practical advice for those looking to make their mark in this burgeoning field. What does the day-to-day life of a data engineer look like? How is data shaping the future of our industries and society? Get your answers straight from someone who's in the trenches, innovating and creating impact.Moreover, if you've been contemplating a foray into consulting, this episode could be your guiding light. With Chenyse's first-hand experience and expertise, we delve into why consulting could be an appealing career path for our tech-savvy listeners.Tune in to this episode of The Coder Career podcast and take a step closer to your dream career in the tech industry. Learn, get inspired, and unlock new pathways with this candid conversation between Cameron and Chenyse Semper. Don't forget to subscribe and share with your friends who could benefit from these insightful discussions.