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The Church Interpreting Podcast

Episode 21: Successful Church Interpreting Takes Effort

Season 2, Ep. 10

This month, Lauryn explores the importance of the interpreter's stage presence and Jonathan asks hard questions about effort.

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  • 1. Episode 22: Shouldn't people just speak English?

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  • 4. Episode 15: Sharing the Spotlight

    Some preachers might be scared to work with interpreters since it could feel like interpreters will steal the attention. We discuss some good responses to this and laugh about how we are still interpreters even after the service is finished.
  • 3. Episode 14: Learning from Church Interpreting and Commercial Interpreting

    In this episode, Lauryn and Jonathan discuss how skills from church interpreting apply to commercial interpreting and vice-versa, Lauryn discusses the importance of prayer, and Jonathan talks about how experience changes your decision-making.