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  • 5. Episode 16: Church Interpreting Starter Kit

    This month, Lauryn and Jonathan answer questions about the basic skills church interpreters might need and touch on Bible translations, crying in front of patients, and demolition. This is the last in a series of episodes from our recent conversation on church interpreting.
  • 4. Episode 15: Sharing the Spotlight

    Some preachers might be scared to work with interpreters since it could feel like interpreters will steal the attention. We discuss some good responses to this and laugh about how we are still interpreters even after the service is finished.
  • 3. Episode 14: Learning from Church Interpreting and Commercial Interpreting

    In this episode, Lauryn and Jonathan discuss how skills from church interpreting apply to commercial interpreting and vice-versa, Lauryn discusses the importance of prayer, and Jonathan talks about how experience changes your decision-making.
  • 2. Episode 13: Grief, Racism, and Church Interpreting

    [Trigger warning: Grief, mental health, racism] On this episode, Lauryn talks about interpreting through grief, Jonathan discusses reasons why interpreting might not work in a church, and we have a quick tip with questions for you to answer about interpreting.As always, for further information or to request personalised support with church interpreting, visit:
  • 1. Episode 12: Church Interpreting is a Team Sport

    On today's episode, Lauryn explains what we can do when the preacher doesn't make any sense, Jonathan explains why the strategy behind church interpreting matters more than the technology used to deliver it and the quick tip covers the importance to team work.To contact Jonathan, see his website: ever, for more free resources, visit:
  • 11. Episode 11: Should Church Interpreting be Professionalised?

    In this episode, Lauryn and Jonathan continue their conversation on church interpreting, this time asking that tricky question: should church interpreting be professionalised? On the way, we look at what every church interpreter needs to know, whether you need to be a Christian to interpret in church and how to deal with preachers who tell jokes!Some of the sources Jonathan talks about include:Arguing that church interpreting should be professionalised:Distortion of Meaning in Consecutive Interpreting: Case of ‎Sermons in Selected Multicultural Churches in Maseru by Makhetsi Makha and Lehlohonolo Phafoli: that church interpreting doesn't need to be professionalised:Challenges Faced by Non-Professional Interpreters in Interpreting Church Sermons in Malaysia by Andrew Kai De Tan, Mansour Amini and Kam-Fong Lee wider discussions of what interpreters do, drop Jonathan an email via the website.