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Derek Bell MBE - Racing

Season 1, Ep. 2

In episode two, Jodie Kidd is joined by Derek Bell MBE, widely regarded as one of the finest British racing drivers ever, five times Le Mans winner. Bell talks through his days racing with Ferrari, spending time with Enzo Ferrari himself (“It was more difficult to get to see Enzo than it was the Pope”) and his relationship with Hollywood icon, Steve McQueen (“Steve wanted to drive. The only reason he did the film [Le Mans] is so he could drive a racing car!”)

Bell gives fascinating insight into winning one of the toughest racing events in the world five times, but reveals his most special race at Le Mans was completed with his son. “To drive with your son and finish third on Father's Day and be on the winner's rostrum, it was absolutely unbelievable and it still is today,” says Bell.

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