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Celebrating the E-Type

Season 1, Ep. 10

On the 60th anniversary of its unveiling, Jodie Kidd speaks to two of the UK's top Jaguar E-type experts to discover the secrets behind one of the most iconic cars of all time. Why was the unveiling itself such an important part of the E-type legend? Which are the most sought-after examples? And where does the E-type story go from here? Marcus Holland of E-Type UK and Paul Brace of Eagle are on-hand to provide the answers.

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  • 21. Round-up of 2021

    This year, Jodie has caught up with Richard Hammond, got design tips from Ian Callum CBE, had insight into the global collector car auction scene from Max Girardo, spoken to the man with Europe's largest car collection, Roger Dudding, and heard from some of the UK's top experts on the legendary Jaguar E-type. And that's really just the tip of the iceberg. In this latest episode you can catch all the highlights from 2021.
  • 20. Lunaz Design: Electrifying Classic Icons

    In Episode 20, Jodie is joined by James Warren, Group Commercial Director of Lunaz Design. Through meticulously restoring, then electrifying, Lunaz brings sustainability, reliability and usability to the most iconic classic cars of all time. Using proprietary electric powertrain technology and world-class craftmanship, Lunaz has transformed Aston Martin DB5s, Rolls-Royce Phantom 1s, Jaguar XK120s and more. Sacrilege? You'll have to listen to find out.For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 19. Mr. JWW: Automotive presenter and content creator

    In this episode, Jodie is joined by automotive presenter and content creator, James William Walker, better known as Mr JWW. His YouTube channel has more than 650,000 subscribers, racking up more than 150 million views of his automotive adventures. James and Jodie talk about the gamble that led to his dream job, and the secrets to building one of the largest automotive YouTube channels in the world. For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 18. Richard Hammond, TV Presenter, Journalist and Writer

    This month, Jodie Kidd is joined by Richard Hammond, former co-host of the most-watched motor show on the planet, Top Gear. Richard delves into his extensive career within the automotive industry, The Grand Tour and his latest venture and TV show, The Smallest Cog, a car restoration business which focuses on rare collectible cars and bikes from vintage classics to modern hypercars. For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 17. Max Girardo, Classic Car Specialist and Auctioneer

    This month, Jodie sits down with one of the foremost figures in the classic car world, Max Girardo. From spending over 20 years as a car expert and auctioneer, to founding Girardo & Co in 2016, Max specializes in selling some of the most extraordinary cars in the world. During this episode, Max discusses his time as an auctioneer in the top tier of the automotive world, his hopes for the new generation of classic car enthusiasts and how his Italian upbringing fueled his passion for racing. For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 16. Fabrizio Giugiaro, Automotive Design Icon

    Everyone knows Giugiaro; it's a name that has contributed to the design of more than 60 million cars on the road today, each one of them more spectacular than the last. In episode 16, Jodie sits down for a spellbinding chat with Fabrizio Giugiaro to discuss he and his father's most iconic designs, their surprising everyday cars and how his work translates to the worlds of production design and architecture. For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 15. Rodger Dudding, Car collector

    Car collecting is a passion; a carefully curated selection of a few very special motor cars built up over a lifetime. But few have the kind of collection that our latest guest, Rodger Dudding, has. Having invented a type of queuing machine and then investing in a nationwide network of storage facilities, Rodger has built up the most incredible array of more than 400 classic vehicles – the largest in the UK and most likely in Europe. In this episode Rodger and Jodie discuss some of his favourites, what drives him to keep collecting and exactly why the automotive world is so enticing.For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 14. Richard Gauntlett, Collector, Designer and Enthusiast

    In this episode, Jodie sits down with Richard Gauntlett, the son of legendary one-time Aston Martin Chairman, Victor Gauntlett. Richard reminisces about his father's challenges in saving Aston Martin from the brink of collapse and tells us more about his latest project: restoring a long-lost Aston Martin 'Bulldog' from 1980, with the aim of recreating its claimed 200mph top speed. For more information on Chubb go to:
  • 13. Toly Arutunoff, Collector and Racing Driver

    This month Jodie is joined by one of the most interesting men in the world of classic cars, Toly Arutunoff. From running the first Ferrari dealership in Oklahoma to racing coast-to-coast across the States and in Italy's legendary road rally, the Targa Florio, Toly has seemingly done it all. During this episode, Toly discusses a life lived to its fullest, as well as his remarkable collection of one-off classics and what drew him to them. For more information on Chubb go to: