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The Child and Its Enemies

Isabelle Santin of Chosen Few Software

Ep. 2

Isabelle and mk discuss Chosen Few Software—the trans-anarchist tech company run by entirely youth and teens—as well as liberatory education, trans identity, and why, in Isabelle's words..."anarchy is the purest form of decentralized control. In my mind, its the ideal way to organize a massive network, whether that network is made out of computers or people, it makes little difference to me. The reality is that the computers we build are just as fallable as us. They just tend to do more and more of our thinking for us, as they become more powerful and reliable. I think its an important part of the future of human evolution, but we live at a point in time where our societies are beginning to show their scars, show their weak points."

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  • 8. Pearson, Host of Coffee with Comrades

    Fuck theory, do shit.To change everything, start anywhere.Don't ever be deceived into thinking that you and a small group of your friends can't change the world. Stay wild. Stay young. Stay free. 
  • 7. Lola Bloom, Transfeminine YouTube Influencer

    Lola Bloom on being trans online: "I think the space I aim to create would pave the way for trans kids to do similar work in an environment that isn't so hostile or alienating. I also think that giving people a space to exist and to be authentically themselves while they share skills and grow is integral to helping our community heal. It's incredibly difficult to transition and providing people the encouragement and resources they need is always my biggest success."Lola's Discord:
  • 6. Vicky Osterweil, Author of THE EXTENDED UNIVERSE

    Vicky Osterweil's book, as she puts it, seeks to answer two questions: "why are all superhero movies the same?" and "why did Disney lobby the Biden administration to stop them sharing the COVID vaccine with the third world in 2021?" THE EXTENDED UNIVERSE, her upcoming book, is all about the role of Disney in the nuclear family, ageism, and the state. On this podcast, we talk about media, trans health, and (yas) our childhoods projecting transness onto various Disney characters.
  • 5. Jennie Bastian, founder of Communication

    No, Jennie Bastian did not invent communication as a concept. But she DID start a really cool punk venue by that name! Interested in riot grrl, political art, and social justice since her teen years, Jennie makes art about disability liberation, creates all-ages art spaces, and is a youth-liberationist parent of a five-year-old. In this episode, mk and Jennie chat about age inclusion in the punk scene, the role of art in social movements, and so much more.
  • 4. Cate Moses, Artist and Housing Advocate

    "We were organizing and enacting mutual aid without having the words to call it that. Again, I credit my parents. They were hella organizers. Their tentacles reached way beyond our backwoods area. Without the internet. So I actually did know at an early age that resistance was not only possible but necessary. When the school told us asinine things like girls can't wear pants or salute the flag or there are different rules for poor and less poor; for different colors, when we figured out that our local volunteer fire dept. was the KKK, I knew what to do. Organize and fight back. Burn the flag, walk out of school, stand up on a desk and yell, sing, take to the woodswith your comrades. The possibilities are more numerous today, with digital media to amplify us, and youth so savvy and informed and using it to organize."
  • 3. Temperance Blyck, The Youth-Liberationist Lockdown Activist

    Temperance Blyck organizes to defend old-growth forests by locking down to construction equipment. Temperance Blyck got radicalized as a kid in an alternative school. Temperance Blyck sometimes does community organizing with their friend's three-year-old. Temperance Blyck is really, really cool. And in this podcast, mk zariel chats with them about eco-defense, youth liberation, and tranarchy.
  • 1. Skye-Gia Garcia of OutReach LGBTQ

    Hello and welcome to THE CHILD AND ITS ENEMIES, a podcast for and about queer and neurodivergent kids and teens living out anarchy and youth liberation.Here at THE CHILD AND ITS ENEMIES we believe that youth autonomy is not only crucial to queer and trans liberation, but to anarchy itself. Governance is inherently based on projecting linear narratives of time and Development and gender onto our necessarily asynchronous and atemporal queer lives, and kids, teens, and everyone else affected by anti-child ageism are at the center of this form of oppression.Our goal with the podcast is to create a space by and for kids and teens that challenges all forms of control and inspires us to create neuroqueer, feral, ageless networks of care.I'm your host, mk zariel. My pronouns are they/them, I'm fifteen years old, and I'm the youth correspondent at the Anarchist Review of Books, author of the blog Debate Me Bruh, and organizer of some all-ages queer spaces in my city and online. With me today is our first-ever guest, Skye Gia Garcia, who is a community organizer and freedom fighter! Hello, Skye!