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Optus's CEO Outage

CEO of Optus, Kelly Bayer Rosmarin, has resigned to spend more time with her burner phones. In the meantime, Charles and Dom talk about how India lost the cricket world cup due to out-woking Australia - as will soon be reported by SkyNews.

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  • You, Me, and Asbestos Makes Three

    Do you enjoy your city, but wish it had more asbestos like Sydney? Well lucky for you, today Dom and Charles will give you all the asbestos you'll need for a (shortened) lifetime of fun.
  • Martin Shkreli, Lick Our Nuts | Ange Lavoipierre

    The ABC's National Technology Reporter Ange Lavoipierre joins Dom Knight to talk about a radical tech cult that believes the AI movement needs to "Accelerate or die". Plus find out why "America's most hated man" Martin Shkreli told ange to lick his nuts.
  • What Really Killed Alexei Navalny? (Not Putin)

    Mean critic of the heroic Putin and owner of polonium underpants Alexei Navalny has died, of normal and uninteresting death-based causes that Charles and Dom say aren't worth looking into.
  • Adelaide's Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

    Charles is in Adelaide, where he has discovered the people there are furious at Taylor Swift for robbing them of $100 million. Dom makes fun of Charles' show "Wankernomics 2.0".
  • ABC's Nemesis, But Just The Good Shit | John Delmenico

    Dom Knight is joined by Chaser editor John Delmenico, who watched all 4+ hours of ABC's Nemesis, and has compiled all the best moments into one episode for you, so you don't have to watch all the boring shit.
  • How Taylor Swift, Joe Biden, And The CIA Rigged The Super Bowl

    Dom and Charles confirm exactly how Taylor Swift and Joe Biden have been working hand in hand from the beginning to rig this year's Super Bowl and establish a new world order.
  • Slum-Dom Millionaire

    Labor's new "Help To Own" policy has been slammed as inflationary by the Greens, who want to abolish negative gearing and become a socialist state. Dom and Charles have a solution that everyone can get behind, even Max "Mao" Chandler-Mather. (Hi Max, come on the show anytime.)
  • We Demand A Barnaby Joyce Royal Commission

    Dom and Charles ask the important questions about Barnaby Joyce being spotted in a gutter, like why didn't anyone offer him a beer?
  • What's Really In Your Stanley Cups?

    For The Chaser Report 2024, Dom and Charles want to bring you news on the hippest trends (their words, not mine). For that reason, we spend today's episode talking about Stanley Cups and Crocs. Apologies for the judgements we are about to make about your mum's birthday wish-list.