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How Crypto Billionaires Are Exactly Like Bond Villains

Charles and Dom provide an insightful explanation of how crypto is a Ponzi scheme, and bring you to speed on the latest crypto-billionaires to start facing consequences.

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  • Pre-Gaming For Scott Morrison's Farewell Speech

    Charles and Dom make their incredible predictions about what will be in Scott Morrison's farewell speech. Stay tuned for tomorrow when they compare how well their predictions went!
  • Biden Deepfake Inaccurately Speaks In Full Sentences

    The American Presidential Election 2024 has already been plagued by instances of AI causing havoc and confusion. A totally real and not AI generated Charles and Dom bring you up to speed.
  • Trump's Sneakiest Business Move Yet

    Donald Trump owes over half a billion dollars as a result of his recent losses in court, so what genius business move has he done to make a quick buck? Dom and Charles have all the Trump news you need (and a little about Taylor Swift too, because we can't help ourselves).
  • Talking About Taylor Swift Because We Apparently Have To

    Literally all other news can get f*cked I guess.
  • Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci Storms Out Of Job

    Charles and Dom talk about Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci who-- actually can we have that taken off record? No? Alright, bye.
  • You, Me, and Asbestos Makes Three

    Do you enjoy your city, but wish it had more asbestos like Sydney? Well lucky for you, today Dom and Charles will give you all the asbestos you'll need for a (shortened) lifetime of fun.
  • Martin Shkreli, Lick Our Nuts | Ange Lavoipierre

    The ABC's National Technology Reporter Ange Lavoipierre joins Dom Knight to talk about a radical tech cult that believes the AI movement needs to "Accelerate or die". Plus find out why "America's most hated man" Martin Shkreli told ange to lick his nuts.
  • What Really Killed Alexei Navalny? (Not Putin)

    Mean critic of the heroic Putin and owner of polonium underpants Alexei Navalny has died, of normal and uninteresting death-based causes that Charles and Dom say aren't worth looking into.
  • Adelaide's Bad Blood With Taylor Swift

    Charles is in Adelaide, where he has discovered the people there are furious at Taylor Swift for robbing them of $100 million. Dom makes fun of Charles' show "Wankernomics 2.0".