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Happy No-Mo-ScoMo Anniversary!

It's been one year since Labor won government, so it's time to answer the only question that matters: was it easy under Albanese?

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  • Tenacious D-eported | Andrew Hansen

    Andrew Hansen joins Dom Knight to discuss the recent media frenzy about a joke made by Tenacious D. But did you know that more shows have been cancelled by artists for more bizarre reasons? Andrew has put together another one of his iconic quizzes to help keep you informed.
  • Nukey Poo's Crappy Antarctic Adventure | Chris Taylor

    Chris Taylor joins Dom Knight to explore the story of 'Nukey Poo', the small nuclear reactor installed at an Antarctic base in the 60s.
  • How Elon Musk Wants To Populate Mars By Himself | Chris Taylor

    Christ Taylor joins Dom Knight to veer away from the politics of Earth for an episode, and instead focus on the politics of another planet -- Mars! How does Elon Musk plan on taking humanity to the stars? Listen and find out.
  • Trump Assassination Attempt: What Happens Next? | David Smith

    In this uncharacteristically joke-free episode, Dom Knight is joined by Associate Professor David Smith of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney to try and make sense of today's assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Butler, Pennyslvania.
  • The 6:57 News | Mark Humphries

    Dom Knight is joined by brand new Channel Seven employee, Mark Humphries, who explains all his processes to his new satirical news segment on the network.
  • Grandpa Biden's Not Going Anywhere | David Smith

    Assoc Prof David Smith from the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney (and the epic PEP podcast) joins Dom to assess the wreckage of Joe Biden. Plus Dave explains why the US Supreme Court chose to make the president effectively a king, and what a second Trump term might look like.
  • How To Do A Dutton Impersonation | Dan Ilic

    Dom Knight is joined by comedian, producer, and podcast-award hoarder Dan Ilic. Dan and Dom catch up, as Dan shares his keen insight from both a satirist's and activist's perspective on a range of political issues around the world. What does Dan think of Dutton's nuclear power plans, Joe Biden, and the UK election? Listen and find out.
  • Piers Morgan VS Barbie | John Delmenico

    Remember when the Barbie movie came out and all the world's worst men got really mad? Yeah, that was weird hey.
  • Why Don't Bald Politicians Get Elected? | Chris Taylor

    Australia's politicians enjoyed an evening of formality and humour at the annual Midwinter Ball, which has Dom and Chris investigate the hesitancy Australian (and global!) voters have toward electing bald politicians.