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Asian Arts with Cecily Cook

Season 1, Ep. 16

This episode features a conversation with Cecily Cook, former Director of Programs at the Asian Cultural Council in New York. Cecily has had a long career at the intersection of Asia and the arts. Over the course of decades, she has worked in various roles, and at various institutions, in support of the artistic and cultural exchange between different Asian countries and the United States. In addition to serving as Director of Programs for the Asian Cultural Council, she has also worked as a consultant, a curator, and a director for organizations dedicated to the visual and performing arts. In this episode, Cecily discusses her background in folklore and how that led to a career in Asian arts. In so doing, she describes the importance of art and artists, as well as the role of knowledge infrastructure systems—like the Asian Cultural Council—to foster artistic work and make a impact in the world.

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Political Transformation in Southeast Asia with Nhu Truong, Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Maggie Shum, and Megan Ryan

Season 1, Ep. 19
On this episode, we welcome four guests to discuss democratic backsliding and rising authoritarianism in Southeast Asia, and also grassroots mobilizations in response to such phenomena. The first iteration of this group came together as a roundtable at the conference of the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies in 2021. The convenor and chair of that roundtable was Nhu Truong. Nhu is Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Affairs at Denison University. She was joined by two more of our guests: Erik Martinez Kuhonta, Director of the Institute for the Study of International Development and Associate Professor of Political Science at McGill University; and Maggie Shum, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Penn State Erie. Our fourth guest, Megan Ryan, was not part of the original roundtable, but her research is right in line with the theme of rising illiberalism in the region. She is a PhD candidate in Political Science at the University of Michigan and was a 2020 United States Institute of Peace Scholar. In their conversation, the guests chat about political repression and resistance across Southeast Asia, comparing and contrasting different cases while always keeping the more global trend towards authoritarianism in view.This will be our last episode of 2022, and we want to thank everyone for tuning and making our first year such a success. We will be back next month, but in the meantime, we wish all of our listeners a happy holiday season and Happy New Year!