The Chairish Podcast


In With The Old: Why Vintage Furniture is The New New

Ep. 71

As with so much else, the pandemic had a huge impact on the vintage market and changed

what and how people purchased items for their homes. As any stigma about buying used

furnishings diminished, and as awareness of the importance of sustainability increased,

vintage items became more sought after than ever. With Chairish about to issue its second

status report on the state of the resale market, three experts—interior designer Laura

Hodges, vintage dealer Stephanie Schofield, and Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of

Chairish—size up the vintage market today, report on changed attitudes, discuss the

shortage of artisans and craftsmen that limits the viability of many vintage pieces, and

reveal what they feel is most likely to be sought after in the months ahead—everything

from games table to wicker and bamboo to all things blue.

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