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#56 – A Day in the Life of a Growth Hacker – Juan Felipe Campos

Season 1, Ep. 56

For Episode 56 of The CareerMetis Podcast, we will learn about: A Day in the Life of a Growth Hacker – Juan Felipe Campos.

Guest Introduction

Juan Felipe Campos is a Growth Hacker from Los Altos California.

After starting his first business in 2010, at the age of 22 Juan had already built a successful business. He began traveling Latin America and met the co-founder of his current business on his travels.

They noticed a large number of millennial entrepreneurs who enjoyed traveling and living the digital nomad lifestyle, and started a travel tech business (Nomad App) to accommodate them.

Episode Summary

1. Juan tells Nissar and the listeners how he got his start in growth hacking, and some of the events that led up to the decision to pursue this as a career.

2. He explains why growth hacking is so important to businesses and start ups, and why funded start ups tend to disproportionately spend on customer acquisition early on.

3. He also talks about the importance of getting people’s attention.

4. Juan shares a day to day in his career, the things he worries about learns and prioritizes. He also talks about the difference between principles and methods, and why both are equally important.

5. Nissar and Juan discuss the various upsides to being a growth hacker, and what's enjoyable about the career track, as well as some of the challenges and downsides that go hand in hand with being a growth hacker.

6. Juan talks about the career path, and how important it is to get started, and not let anything stand in the way of executing and getting experience.


“Business is super simple if you take it down to ‘You have to make more money than you spend'”.

“Every company has to care about growth”.

“Before we can tell them how cool our features are or how much better we are than the competitors, we need people's attention”.

“The problem with only learning methods is that those change… a lot.”

“How can we get the most amount of money for the least investment, and limited resources”.

“If you don't have clients, you're not in business”.

“Just get started. Pick a brand and start growing. You just have to get started.”

Links & Resources

To learn more about Juan Felipe Campos, you can visit his website.

You can also connect with him or follow him on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram.

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