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The Busi-Ness Podcast with Emily Austen

Millie Kendall MBE, Head of the British Beauty Council.

Ep. 24

Welcome to the Busi-ness Podcast.

Brand and retail expert Millie Kendall co-founded the British Beauty Council in 2018, on the back of an impressive 20 year career. Having been instrumental in the success of brands such as L’Occitane and Aveda, launching her own cosmetics brand Ruby and Millie, running her own PR and Communications agency and receiving an MBE for her services to the cosmetic industry, Millie launched the British Beauty Council with a mission to support and champion the best interests of the British beauty industry. 

Despite being the epitome of busy, Millie sat down to chat with me about being a storyteller and why talking and listening to people is integral to creating the best ideas. We discussed how social media has transformed the beauty and wellness industry, why doing something well doesn’t necessarily mean that it was easy and why we should always sleep on important decisions. Millie spoke candidly about the effects of politics on business, having the right intentions when starting out and how the British Beauty Council is future-proofing the beauty and wellness industry. It was so interesting to chat to Millie and listen to the insights and experiences from her exceptional career.

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  • 49. Pip Durell, Founder of With Nothing Underneath.

    Pip Durell is a former Vogue stylist and Tatler editor, starting her own label, With Nothing Underneath, to create the perfect shirt after finding herself adjusting men's tailoring for her own use. We chatted extensively about not being cool kids, early experience, how Pip learnt her talents, hard graft and working in an actual cupboard.
  • 48. Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Beauty Pie.

    Marcia Kilgore is a serial entrepreneur. She sold her first business LVMH in 2004 for a rumoured £25 million. Next up was Soap & Glory, which she sold to Boots in 2014 with over £100 million in revenue. Soaper Duper and Fitflop are globally successful businesses. Marcia’s latest mission, is Netflix for Beauty, and she wants you to have a piece of the Beauty Pie. It’s the first business Marcia has raised money for (over £100 million), and she chatted candidly with me about her extensive business journey. We talked about her obsession with customer experience, work life balance, and her secret sauce. 
  • 46. Conna Walker, Founder and CEO of House of CB

    Conna Walker is the real deal. She started her now multi million pound brand as a teenager, and now, over a decade later, House of CB is one of the most successful online retailers in this space. Conna, splitting her time between London and LA, spoke candidly with me about how she's launched the iconic affordable luxury brand, with collections loved by Beyonce, J-Lo and Kylie Jenner, to name but a few. With millions of followers on social media and having been voted Forbes 30 under 30, Conna chatted to me about the launches that didn't work, how to keep company culture alive when you're scaling quickly, how her family shaped her business journey, and her thoughts on a company exit.
  • 44. Georgie Coleridge-Cole, Founder of Sheerluxe

    Georgie Coleridge Cole founded Sheerluxe in 2007. As a lifestyle and fashion content platform, Sheerluxe has amassed a dedicated readership, most recently sending the brand viral on Tik Tok. It's accessible, aspirational and relatable advice and content has resonated with young people, and Georgie talks openly about her business journey. How she started, how it has had to evolve, what she looks for when hiring, and where she's made mistakes. Sheerluxe is a sensation, and Georgie is steering the ship. Tune in to hear more about her musings.
  • 45. Albert Hill and Matt Gibberd, Co-Founders of Modern House

    Albert Hill and Matt Gibbert founded their hugely successful business, The Modern House, in 2008. The Modern House is a British estate agent that specialises in the sale and promotion of Modernist and 20th century architecture. We chatted about the challenges of keeping a brand relevant in the quest for long term business success, focused on hiring and how it can make or break a business, and how emotional intelligence is at the heart of their decision making. A hugely insightful and honest episode relevant for both those within the industry, and those who are not.
  • 47. Eva Alexandridis, Founder of 111 Skin

    Eva Alexandridis founded 111 Skin with her husband, the hugely successful Dr Yannis. The brand started as a solution for aftercare for patients who had undergone surgical procedures. With a BA in International Business + a Masters, learning and travelling shaped Eva's world view. 111 Skin has grown to become a huge global brand. In over 85 luxury hotel spas, a list of enviable celebrities that swear by the product, including Olivia Palermo, Ashley Graham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely to Priyanka Chopra, Bella Hadid and Margot Robbie and a viral sheet mask, Eva has made the brand a household name, in a difficult market to crack. In this candid chat, Eva shares with me the reality of her business journey, the highs and lows and what she would do differently with what she knows now.
  • 41. Special Episode: Emily Austen x Harper's Bazaar

    This week, Harper’s Bazaar commissioned Emily to write a piece about how the the Spring 2023 Budget will affect entrepreneurs and business owners in the UK. As a cause close to her heart, Emily jumped at the opportunity and has recorded a special podcast episode, reading in full the published article, that can be found below:
  • 40. Dan Warne, Founder of Sessions, Formerly MD of Deliveroo.

    Welcome to the Busi-ness Podcast!In this episode, I’m joined by Dan Warne, CEO and founder of Sessions. Prior to Sessions, Dan was the Managing Director at Deliveroo, an app you’ve probably heard of. He was part of the business during a time of exponential growth, ultimately leading to IPO, which was met with mixed reviews. We talked a lot about growing and scaling businesses, and what happens when you realise that the dream job you’re so invested in, isn’t going to work for you in the long-term.He’s now running an amazing company, Sessions, which aims to lower the barriers to entry and is streamline the processes for restaurants and more importantly, the hospitality industry. Sessions is democratising the restaurant industry, which has taken such a battering in the last few years.Dan has a wealth of knowledge and insights into the industry. I hope you enjoy this episode.
  • 39. Namrata Nayyar-Kamdar, Founder of Plenaire.

    Welcome to the Busi-ness Podcast!I’m thrilled this week to bring you a really interesting, honest podcast with my friend Namrata, the founder of cult skincare brand, Plenaire.You’ve probably seen Plenaire all over your Instagram feeds and popping up in a variety of amazing retailers across the UK. Whilst it’s an incredibly exciting time for businesses like Plenaire, it is absolutely not without its challenges.Namrata and I had an incredibly candid chat about where she is this week and in her business cycle. With an amazing career behind her and an amazing career ahead, we discussed some of the challenges she faces day-to-day; mentally, physically, emotionally. We also had a really accurate and honest look at the market and its performance. We looked at what it means to run a startup in these uncertain times. It’s such an important episode for anyone who’s starting to run a business and I really hope you can connect a little and realise that you’re absolutely not alone!