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    Welcome to The Busi-Ness Podcast.I’m Emily Austen, founder and CEO of London based PR Agency, EMERGE. I am passionate about launching and scaling small businesses, and have been fortunate enough in my 13 year career, to work with some of the most exciting, category defining brands in the world. I started my business when I was 22 years old, fresh out of University. Since that time, the world has got louder. Our expectations have got harder, and our lives have become busier. Fobbing friends off with the stock answer we have all became accustomed to, ‘I’m so busy,’ is an attempt to compel, conflate and convince. But when did being too busy become a mark of status? Why is the goal to never have any free time? And just what the fuck is everyone doing? Are we setting unrealistic expectations for future entrepreneurs and business owners, by encouraging them that a maniacal approach to diarising is the standard?This podcast aims to give you a realistic, detailed insight into the honest stories, the failures, the triumphs, the intricacies, the mistakes, the come backs, the fuck ups, from those set to make their mark; the leaders, movers and shakers, trailblazers and game changers. We cover imposter syndrome, cashflow, hiring and firing, call out culture, resilience, anxiety, global growth, daily routines + knowing when to quit, choosing the best in the Busi-ness, to help you cut through the noise, and optimise your success. 

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  • 1. Marisa Hordern, Founder of Missoma

    Welcome to The Busi-Ness Podcast.My first guest, and what a guest to kick off me talking at you for an hour, is founder of everyone’s favourite jewellery brand, Missoma. Marisa Hordern founded the infamous brand in 2008, and has seen extraordinary global success. Adorned by the fingers and earlobes of our favourite celebrities, including Kate Bosworth, Ellie Goulding, Margot Robbie, and even a few royals, Missoma has moved with the times, launching a more sustainable collection, a new gender fluid range, and more recently, fine jewellery. Marisa and I caught up about multi-tasking, cracking America, raising money, making bad decisions, why giving yourself moments to breathe is a crucial way to manage the noise + how to build a community outside of just your product range. We talked about the power of celebrity, and social media, why you have to accept that not everyone will work, and that being adventurous is such an important skill for a modern entrepreneur. Marisa is really open and honest about her journey, and I hope you feel inspired by all that she has achieved.
  • 2. Lucas London, Co-Founder of Lick.

    Welcome to the Busi-Ness Podcast.This week, I catch up with Lucas London, founder of the UK’s hottest home decorating company, Lick. Lucas and I sat down shortly after the brand announced a £15million funding round, which will be used to grow the business globally. We chatted about a range of different topics, including how to navigate a co-founder partnership, overcoming challenges in a start up, dealing with competition and why Lick is championing female investors. Lucas talked candidly about anxiety, and how counselling has really helped him manage the stress of running such a fast paced business. I loved speaking to Lucas, and I hope you enjoy listening to his inspiring story.
  • 3. Victoria Prew, Co-Founder of HURR

    Welcome to The Busi-Ness Podcast.Fashion rental has exploded in the last year, which might surprise you given that no one has had anywhere to go. Episode 3 gives you the chance to hear more about the start up journey of Europe’s fast growing fashion rental platform, Hurr. Co-founder Victoria Prew chatted to me about the challenges in the last year, using the one month when the UK wasn’t in lockdown to sneak in a huge partnership with high street giant Selfridges, why sustainability is a prerequisite of a modern brand, and how the future of fashion is feeding the circular economy. Victoria shared with me that Hurr wasn’t the first business idea she had, and how she’d spent a lot of time and energy on two or three series ideas, before backing Hurr as the one. We discussed the evolving market, the responsibility of brands to inform + educate their consumer, how consumerism is evolving, and the opportunity to impact an entire generation for whom ownership is not the primary goal. It would be hard to miss Hurr in the news, especially as they have dressed celebrities including Ellie Goulding, Ella Eyre, Stacey Dooley and Claudia Schiffer. If you have been a little light on your news consumption, you can use the next hour to wise up on one of the most exciting brands to watch in 2021.
  • 4. Ed Williams and Jamie Laing, Co-Founders of Candy Kittens

    Welcome to The Busi-Ness Podcast.In this episode, I am joined by my old friends, Ed William and Jamie Laing, Founders of the modern confectionary brand, Candy Kittens. We covered self-awareness, realising your personal skill set, why Candy Kittens wasn’t built with the idea of selling out, how to be resilient in the face of very expensive, early mistakes, how to work effectively with your co-founder and holding your line, even when the new shiny thing seems more alluring. Ed + Jamie are seasoned entrepreneurs, running a fast growing and exciting business. They are leading the charge in their category, and I hope you take away some nuggets of information that help you on your business journey.
  • 5. Whitney Hawkings, Founder of FLOWERBX

    Welcome to The Busi-Ness Podcast.In this episode, I am joined by Whitney Hawkings, Founder of FLOWERBX, a flower delivery service sourcing the freshest flowers, direct from the growers, delivering them to your front door.We talked about how to create something meaningful + lasting, what sacrifice in business really means, how to hire and empower a great team, why everyone should have a 10-year plan, how to grow a business into global markets, whilst also raising children, and of course, how Covid has impacted the business.
  • 6. James Balfour, Co-Founder of 1Rebel

    Welcome to the Busi-Ness Podcast.In this episode, I am joined by James Balfour, Founder and CEO of 1Rebel.We sat down in the midst of the third London lockdown, in the first quarter of 2021. James and I chatted about diversity in the fitness industry, how to build a fierce company culture, how being Instagram famous has affected this sector, authenticity, why accountability is missing in many people’s lives, how to be resistant in the face of challenges, and what makes a good leader. We talked about bouncing back, and the devastating impact of Covid on the health and fitness sector.