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NWA Powerrr, AEW, Eternals & PIZZA DOG! (AKA: Hawkeye)

Ep. 32

On this episode of the BSCast; Dave gives his thoughts on NWA Powerrr's presentation, Tyler and Dave have differing opinions on AEW's ability to create a super-roster, and the boys talk about what they loved and didn't quite love about Hawkeye and Eternals. It's another Marvel special, and we make no apologies for it!

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  • 36. She-Hulk Episodes 2 - 4, WWE Clash at the Castle, AEW (F)All Out and more!

    Dave and Tyler are back with their thoughts on WWE's Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, The fall out from AEW's All Out PPV, Dave has thoughts on Ted Lasso S1, And the best bits from Disney's D23 event. The passing of Queen Elizabeth II obviously comes up, we have a quick visit from Felipe, fresh from winning a UMVC3 tournament and, of course, The boys review She-Hulk episodes 2, 3 and 4.It's a long one, so strap yourselves in for a bevy of opinions from the lads.Topics Discussed:WWE Clash at the CastleAEW All OutD23The Mandalorian S3Boba FettRogers the Musical?!Werewolf at NightSecret InvasionThe QueenShe-Hulk Episodes 2-4
  • 35. She Hulk: Episode 1 - A Normal Amount of BS!

    On this episode of the BSCast, Dave and Tyler break down the first episode of 'She Hulk: Attorney at Law' on Disney Plus! Dave also talks about Anthony Joshua's reaction to losing his World Heavyweight Title rematch in Saudi Arabia on Saturday night, manages to get 'Community' and 'Parks & Recreation' confused, and the boys squeeze in a quick discussion about the recent closure of NXT UK, and what the future holds for the wrestlers that have been released as a result.As always, filthy language and BS opinions are contained within, but don't let that put you off!
  • 34. RAW Is BS

    In this episode, Dave, Felipe, and Tyler discuss who would get their vote for Wrestle Of The Year so far. They also discuss their thoughts on WWE in a post-Vince era, and how they would handle the WWE Undisputed Universal Title picture leading up to Clash At The Castle.
  • 33. Star Trek Is Kinda BS

    On our shortest ever edition of the BSCast, Dave and Marc talk a little bit of WWE NXT2.0 before getting into the more improtant discussion; What is your favourite Trek? Why was ToS BS? and, who thinks that some fans need to be more honest with themselves about what should and shouldn't be considered "Proper Trek"
  • 31. Shang-Chi Spoilercast

    Dave and Tyler wax lyrical about Marvel's latest movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings. Who was the MVP of the movie? which classic martial arts movie inspired the fight scenes? What the hell is going on with the MCU timeline?All of this and more is covered on The BSCast, episode 31.
  • 30. CM Punk, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks and Biscuits (Cookies)

    Dave is joined by Tyler and Bianca as they talk about the difference between US and UK soft drinks, cookie tables at weddings, Jammy Dodgers, CM Punk's AEW debut, and much, much more!
  • 29. Loki: Episode 6 Review - We Who Remain

    It's time for Dave and Tyler to discuss the finale of Loki Season 1! Also on the menu, a discussion about Marvel's casting practices, Kevin Feige's recent comments about working with certain actors, and why he's playing a very smart game by using the wording that he does.
  • 28. Loki: Episode 5 Review - Classic LokiCola

    It's that time of the week again. Dave and Tyler talk about episode 5 of Loki, including Aligators, Throgs, Nexus events and the power of friendship. There's also a bit more timey-wimey talk in this one, but they kept it pretty brief.