cover art for Episode 101: Foolish Games

The Bonneville Game

Episode 101: Foolish Games

Season 1, Ep. 1

When Minty and Laura play a demon summoning game they found on the Internet at the Bonneville Podcasters Retreat, they unleash something otherworldly.


Chewing: 14:49-14:55

Screams: 22:41, 23:02, and 23:30-23:39

The Bonneville Game was created, directed, written, and sound designed by Kat Walker Shea with sound design assistance from Meg Molloy Tuten and Ashlee Craft

Produced by Ashlee Craft, Kat Walker Shea, Exquisite Lore, and Box Office Poison Productions

Opening Theme Music by Melanie Carroll Dolci

Transition Music and Ending Music by Vivek Abhishek

Featuring the voices of…

Rachanee Lumayno as Minty Lam

Krystal Gem as Laura Bates

Kat Walker Shea as Ingrid Sullenberger and Bex McQuoid

Allegra Rodriguez Shivers as Lark Pepperberg

Lena Garcia as Romina Rojas

Becca Lerman as Annie Stephenson

Michelle Kelly as Brooke Calhoun

Liza Dally as Chili Agnello 

D Sumner as Justin Mansfield  

Weylinn Ashby as Tierney McElfresh

Stefon TV1 as Paul Baird 

Lauren Kong as Grace Baird