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NSYNC! How 4th Generation Wine Importer Jake Taub Builds for The Future While Honoring His Family's Past

Season 4, Ep. 79

MJ’s guest today is the fourth generation of his family to play an instrumental role in the fine wine and spirits realm in the United States. He's Director of Business Development at the Taub family’s NYC-based wholesale business, Independence Wine & Spirits (IWS), Jake Taub! In 2020, Jake joined IWS as a key account manager and was quickly promoted to director of business development. Jake has increased national sales at his family’s proprietary California wineries, Saracina in Mendocino and Taub Family Vineyards Napa.

On this episode, MJ and Jake discuss The Taub Family business, dating back to prohibition. Jake reveals the story behind his grandfather bringing Pinto Grigio over to the states, and how the family business got its name. This episode takes you behind the curtain on a family-run dynasty that’s impressive and tres magnifique. À ta santé!

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2013 Travaglini Nebole Metodo Classico 


Until next time, cheers to the mavericks, philosophers, deep thinkers, and wine drinkers! 

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