cover art for What happens after the Fed stops? Also Lithium and India and China.

Theory of Thing Investment Podcast

What happens after the Fed stops? Also Lithium and India and China.

Season 8, Ep. 5

James and Heath talk about weird weather, jump rope state champs, lithium, what to buy and sell in a rate hike end.

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  • 16. TOT s9 e16: on job interviews, silver, Covid flashbacks & Pelosi

    In this episode of "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast," we explore Heath Moss's expert silver analysis, debate the appropriateness of bringing a parent to a job interview, and examine how Pelosi manages to hit the mark once more. Plus, enjoy a lighthearted segment with Heath's notoriously bad footy tips. Tune in for insightful discussions and some fun moments. #InvestmentPodcast #SilverAnalysis #CareerAdvice #PoliticalInsights #FootyTips #TheTheoryOfThing #HeathMoss #Pelosi #JobInterview #FinanceTalk
  • 15. Theory Of Thing s9 e15 on Wind Turbines, Critical Minerals, the AIS and more

    Tune in to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" for an exciting episode featuring an announcement about the Australian Investment Summit with special guest Jai Ayoub. Heath Moss delivers a comprehensive market wrap, and JW hits the mark with copper predictions once again. Jimmy provides a detailed summary of the Critical Minerals Conference, while Heath's footy tips bring some unexpected entertainment. Stay informed and entertained with the latest insights and updates in the investment world. #InvestmentPodcast #MarketWrap #AustralianInvestmentSummit #CopperMarket #CriticalMinerals #FootyTips #FinanceInsights #HeathMoss #JaiAyoub #JWPredictions
  • 14. Theory Of Thing s9 e14 w/ Las Vegas Raiders insider and more!

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! Live from Raider Nation, we're joined by Derek Haithcock, Manager of Team Travel & Logistics of the Las Vegas Raiders NFL Team, talking about how to shift 180 people every two weeks. Heath Moss gives the latest market wrap, covering why copper prices are surging and their future trajectory. Jimmy takes a position on natural gas, while Heath's notorious footy tips add a fun twist. Tune in for expert analysis and entertaining segments! #InvestmentPodcast #RaiderNation #MarketWrap #CopperPrices #NaturalGas #FootyTips #FinanceTalk #ExpertInsights #SportsAndFinance #HeathMoss #JimmyViews #NFL #Raiders
  • 13. TOT s9 e13 copper, 13Fs, China, Fund Manager Survey

    Join us on this week's episode of "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" as we explore the latest market trends with Heath Moss in our market wrap. Get insights into the current state of copper analysis and discover what 13F filings reveal about large positions in China. Also a look at the most crowded trades in the BOFA Fund Manager Survey. Plus, don't miss out on our primo footy tips for the upcoming matches. Stay informed and ahead of the curve with expert advice and strategic tips. #InvestmentPodcast #MarketWrap #CopperAnalysis #ChinaInvestments #FootyTips #HeathMoss #FinanceNews #InvestmentStrategy $BABA
  • 12. TOT s9 e12, market wrap and tales from the road

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" where we explore the latest in finance and investment strategies. In this episode, Heath Moss provides a comprehensive market wrap-up, analyzing trends and potential opportunities. We also celebrate the winner of our footy tips competition, diving into their winning strategies. From navigating volatile markets to capitalizing on emerging trends, join us as we dissect the intricacies of investment. Tune in for expert insights, actionable advice, and the latest updates in the world of finance. Stay ahead of the game with #InvestmentInsights and #MarketAnalysis.
  • 11. Theory of Thing Special Edition: Impact Minerals' Dr Mike Jones and James debrief the road show

    In this Special Edition of "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast," we explore the dynamic world of investment with a focus on Impact Minerals(ASX:IPT). We uncover the eyebrow-raising story of IPT’s Lake Hope with Mike Jones, the head of an ASX listed High Purity Alumina(HPA) explorer.Tune in for expert analysis, actionable strategies, and a deeper understanding of the HPA investment landscape. #InvestmentPodcast #ImpactMinerals #HighPurityAlumina #ExpertInsights
  • 10. Dr David Allen, Plato's Global Alpha Fund on quants and red flags

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! In this episode, join us as we explore the world of investment strategies with Plato long/short Alpha Fund Manager, David Allen. Discover valuable insights into navigating the markets with David's expert guidance. We'll also provide a comprehensive markets wrap-up, keeping you informed on the latest trends and developments. And for some fun, stay tuned for our footy tips segment, where we share our predictions for the upcoming games. Tune in for an engaging discussion on investment strategies, market updates, and a dash of sports excitement. Don't miss out! #InvestmentInsights #MarketWrap #FootyTips
  • 9. Lynnsanity!!!! Chris Lynn joins the lads for a talk about Playbook and markets

    Join us on as we explore the world of finance and investing with expert insights and lively discussions. In this episode, we sit down with perennial six-hitter Chris Lynn to discuss his personal coaching company Playbook, along with how he's giving back to the game he loves. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive markets wrap-up, analyzing the latest trends and developments. Plus, we ponder the question: can Jimmy hoof one with precision? Tune in for an engaging discussion filled with actionable advice and thought-provoking insights. #InvestmentPodcast #Finance #MarketAnalysis #InvestingStrategies #ExpertInsights
  • 8. David Sokulsky (Carrara Capital) & Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers): what more could you want in a podcast?

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! Join us in this episode as we charge into the world of investment with David Sokulsky, CIO of Carrara Capital, discussing long/short macro strategies and market insights. Alongside, we have special guest and Tigers legend Robbie Farah sharing his take on the season's highlights and players to watch out for. Plus, we reveal the winner of the first round of the BPC tipping comp! Tune in for expert analysis, insider tips, and all things investment, sports, and more. #InvestmentInsights #MarketAnalysis #NRLTalk #BPCtipping #FinancePodcast