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Theory of Thing Investment Podcast

e35: The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast

Season 8, Ep. 35

Welcome to episode 35 of "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! 🎙️ In this week's market wrap, we dissect the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges shaping the investment landscape. Join us as DankTrader shares his amazing NFL tips, blending the worlds of sports and finance for strategic insights. Plus, we delve into the Federal Reserve's recent pivot, exploring its impact on markets and economic forecasts. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode promises valuable perspectives to elevate your financial game. Tune in for expert analysis and engaging discussions. #InvestmentInsights #MarketWrap #DankTraderTips #FedPivot #FinancePodcast 📈💡

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  • 8. David Sokulsky (Carrara Capital) & Robbie Farah (Wests Tigers): what more could you want in a podcast?

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! Join us in this episode as we charge into the world of investment with David Sokulsky, CIO of Carrara Capital, discussing long/short macro strategies and market insights. Alongside, we have special guest and Tigers legend Robbie Farah sharing his take on the season's highlights and players to watch out for. Plus, we reveal the winner of the first round of the BPC tipping comp! Tune in for expert analysis, insider tips, and all things investment, sports, and more. #InvestmentInsights #MarketAnalysis #NRLTalk #BPCtipping #FinancePodcast
  • 7. It's Chris Weston!!! (And Heath Moss and James Whelan) but mostly Chris Weston!!!

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" where we dive deep into the financial world's hottest topics! In this episode, we conduct a comprehensive health market review, exploring the latest trends and insights. Special guest Chris Weston from Pepperstone joins us to dissect central bank policies worldwide, shedding light on their impact on global markets. Plus, we investigate whether the yen still holds its funding status amidst changing economic landscapes. And to top it off, we offer our AFL/NRL round 3 predictions. Tune in for expert analysis, valuable perspectives, and actionable investment strategies. #InvestmentInsights #CentralBanks #MarketTrends #Predictions #FinanceTalk
  • 6. TOT s9 ep 6: copper, retail, PPI, yields, USD, Boeing, footy

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" where we dissect market trends and unveil investment strategies. In this episode, we dive into a health market review, analyzing its impact on investment opportunities. Celebrate our astute call on copper prices! We also discuss the temporary pause in yield declines and its implications for investors. Plus, we scrutinize Boeing's recent fall and its potential repercussions. Stay tuned for our AFL/NRL round 2 predictions. Tune in for expert insights and actionable investment advice. Don't miss out! #InvestmentInsights #MarketAnalysis #CopperPrices #YieldDeclines #Boeing #SportsPredictions #TheTheoryOfThing
  • 5. James and Heath get back in the saddle post-Vegas

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! Join hosts James and Heath as they catch up post-Vegas, sharing insights and laughs. In this episode, explore the intriguing question: "Will the Japanese buy all our companies?" Delve into a comprehensive earnings review, uncovering trends and potential opportunities. Stay tuned for copper picks, where the hosts analyze the market's metallic heartbeat. Plus, gear up for AFL/NRL round 1 predictions that might just shape your investment game. Don't miss this dynamic episode blending personal anecdotes with essential market updates. Tune in for a rollercoaster of financial wisdom and predictions! #InvestmentTalk #EarningsReview #CopperPicks #MarketInsights #PodcastPredictions
  • 4. Hydrogen special

    With Heath at TayTay we thought we'd spend a little time on something we've had huge client callout for: hydrogen.Capture, sorate, creation, usage. Is there a future in passenger vehicles using hydrogen and how would that happen?Have the new hydrogen discovereies changed the value proposition for green and blue hydrogen?Find out here as James Whelan is joined by BPC's London head Jack Colreavy.
  • 3. David Scutt!!! talking Japan, US Inflation, CBA on RBA and AFL/NRL

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" where we unravel global finance trends! In this episode, host David Scutt navigates us through diverse market landscapes, exploring why the Japanese market ≠ Japanese economy. Delve into a comprehensive breakdown of US inflation and unravel CBA's diverse rate expectations. Plus, gain insights into the AFL/NRL season predictions impacting investment strategies. From Tokyo to Wall Street, we decode the intricate dance of economics and investments. Tune in for a whirlwind tour of global markets and strategic forecasts. Follow for illuminating insights! #InvestmentPodcast #GlobalFinance #MarketTrends #EconomicAnalysis #InvestmentStrategy
  • 2. s9e2: On new RBA formats, Hydrogen, GQG and Superbowl Mondays

    Welcome to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast"! In this episode, Heath delivers his Market Wrap, dissecting the latest trends and developments shaping the investment landscape. Jimmy explores the potential of hydrogen as a game-changer in the energy sector, discussing its implications for investors. Later, Jimmy dives into market seasonality, unpacking its patterns and how investors can leverage them for strategic decision-making. Tune in for expert insights, actionable tips, and lively discussions on navigating the complexities of the financial markets. #InvestmentInsights #MarketTrends #HydrogenRevolution #SeasonalInvesting #FinancialStrategy
  • 1. TOT s9 ep 1: Heath and James start the year right w/ bullish chatter

    Tune in to "The Theory of Thing Investment Podcast" for a dynamic dive into the financial world. In this episode, Heath delivers his insightful Aussie Economic Wrap, decoding market trends and economic indicators down under. Next up, DankTrader unveils his Super Bowl Multi, offering strategic insights into leveraging sports events for investment opportunities. Jimmy joins the conversation, shedding light on BOM mistakes and their impact on food prices, revealing hidden investment angles. From macroeconomic analysis to sports betting strategies and agricultural market insights, this episode promises a diverse exploration of investment avenues. #InvestmentInsights #EconomicAnalysis #SuperBowlInvesting #MarketTrends #FinancialStrategy