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  • 23. The Girl Who Turned Me Gay

    Tim revisits a huge turning point in his life, the moment he decided to come out. In 2016, Tim was in the final 3 of Big Brother Canada when he decided to forfeit the competition to come home to Australia and get real with himself. He chats with his fellow Big Brother Canada housemate Cassandra, who he admits he had met his match with. It's a juicy chat revealing the chemistry of their dynamic duo, a complicated relationship which may have cost them both their game, but led them on a path of destiny to find something even better!

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  • 22. Does Looking Good Mean Feeling Good?

    Tim chats to model and fitness coach Jaxon Tippet to ask the question, do you need to look good in order to feel good? How much does your physical appearance equate to positive mental health and also where is the line between self love and self torture of striving for that goal? Tim shares his fitness goals for the upcomming 'hot girl summer' and learns that its not just about exercise and what you put in your mouth that matters.
  • 21. What to do with Big Cats in Australia?

    Tim visits a wildlife sanctuary which provides a forever home for retired zoo and circus animals in Australia to uncover some of the awkward truths about wildlife in captivity. The story also links in with the mystery of origins of wild big cats on the loose in the Australian bush.
  • 20. Running From Extinction

    Erchana the crazy running girl is right now undertaking a Guinness World Record Run – all the way from the top of mainland Australia to the bottom, from Cape York to Melbourne. Earning lots of chaffage and blisters, all in the hope to raise funds to prevent the loss of our native species from extinction. If you've ever wondered what can I do to make a difference, Erchana's story will motivate and inspire you, a reminder of the importance of connecting back to nature not only for your own mental health, but potentially for the survival of our own species!
  • 19. Unleashing Genuine Confidence

    Guest Heidi Anderson shares how she challenged the negative mean girl voices in her head into kind loving messages of self acceptance and self belief, unleashing powerful genuine confidence in her life. Heidi is an established media personality having worked in radio and also appeared alongside Tim in the 2013 season of Big Brother. Her new book is called "Drunk on Confidence".
  • 18. Unpacking Big Brother Baggage with Taras

    Taras was the challenge beast and strategic game player who evicted Tim from his own game, the two catch up to unpack some Big Brother baggage. Taras shares if he regrets taking Reggie to the win, what powers he drew on to win so many challenges, to discussing his own search for freedom from depression and anxiety.
  • 17. Live and Loud Conversation with Tim

    A special live and loud episode this week, for a random raw convo with Tim. Lots of Big Brother goss including secrets from the casting of the new series to who out of the housemates are still mates. Answering some listener questions for an update from Tim's life.